Exhaust Longtube Install Tips

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  1. Does any one have some tricks they want to share?

    I was trying to put my BBK longtubes on lastnight, the passenger side went fine. The driver side is a different story.

    The last time I put a set on my car had a tubular k member, It just slid in from the top.

    Do I have to undo the steering link or can I just undo the motor mounts and lift the engine some?
  2. theres a post on here about long tubes.....you can jack the motor off its mounts and they will slide right in. instead of fighting the linkage id just undo one nut?
  3. Thanks I did undo one nut last night but the other mount was holding it down. I'll knock it out tonight then.
  4. I ran into the same problem. I just pulled the passenger side header back off, picked the motor up a little and had a buddy pull it a little toward the passenger side and slid the driver side header right in.
  5. I had to disconnect the steering link.
  6. Got it in. Jacked the motor up and removed the motor mount.

  7. Hey friend, lmk how you like the long tubes. I just got a set but haven't installed them yet.

    I was having second thoughts, think maybe I should have gone with equal lengths...


  8. Hey friend, did you have the motor up enough to possibly swap out the motor mounts during the install? I was thinking about replacing mine when I install my LTs.
  9. I rebuilt my motor and installed the headers when I put the entire motor back into the car so my new motor mounts were already on, but you should be able to do it no problem. It only has to come up a few inches to clear the motor mounts from the k member.
  10. Yeah I jacked the motor up and took off the driver side mount and could of done the passenger side also if needed.

    I am a big fan of long tubes. On my last car I went from stock to equal lenght to longtubes. that car seemed to just pull longer and harder thru the rpms with the long tubes.
    The equal lengths were a pain to put on and pain to do things like plugs when they were on.

    This car I am taking off the unequal lenght shorties and going with BBK 1 5/8" long tubes.
  11. My bbk longtubes go in and out without any problems if you jack the car up about 2 feet off the ground. Now if you have the auto trans version, they are a little wider and might do the old motor mount dance
  12. Good to hear that they aren't too difficult to put in providing the car is off the ground that high. Being as I will be putting in a rebuilt engine once its finished with new headers on, do any of you suggest putting the headers on the engine before putting the engine into the bay or no? I feel like it may be one more thing to get in the way of rebolting the engine to the trans but I could be entirely talking out of my butt right now.
  13. When I had my engine out and was putting longtubes on I set the long tubes in the engine bay and used a bungee cord to hold them off to the side. Then dropped the engine in and bolted it up. Then bolted on the tongtubes.
  14. Good idear right ther
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  15. Good idea
  16. i installed shorties this weekend......had to jack motor off the mounts.....but i did whole job myself in 6 hours.....with just hand tools and jack.....right beside my hoist