Longtubes and Transmission Removal

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by SilverBullit, Dec 18, 2003.

  1. Is it any more difficult to remove the transmission and bellhousing to change the clutch with longtubes? What kind of differences are there between switching from shorties and longtubes? What are the negatives (plug wire boots getting burned, hanging to low) and posatives (horsespower/torque) between the two?

  2. I've got long tubes and IMO they are a pain in the ass. I recomend a good set of shorties. LT headers may give you a slightly better horsepower increase, but it's not worth it when it comes to installing/removing them. Also, it makes other jobs more difficult not to mention making the starter bolts that much harder to get to.

    I recently replaced my clutch and was able to get everything out with the headers in place; however, the bell housing had to be turned a certain way to fit between them. I went ahead and removed them when it came time to reinstalling the clutch.

    I also recently had to replace my oil pan gasket and had some complications due to the headers. As you may know, you must raise the engine in order to drop the oil pan. Well, the collectors of LT headers will hit the floor pan and will not allow the engine to be raised very much -- so I had to remove them for that.

    Back when I had first put the headers on, my steering rag joint broke up and had to be replace. If you have seen LT's installed on a Mustang, you'll see that the steering shaft goes in between the #6 and #7 primaries -- thats exactly where the rag joint is. I was some how able to replace it with the headers in place, but it definitely wasn't a fun job.

    I've never had any problems with burnt boots or ground clearance even though my coupe is lowered 1.5 inches.

    The positive side to long tubes would be that it is a hell of a lot easir to remove the H-pipe -- I can do that without jacking the car up. :D

    Sorry for the long post, but I figured I'd let you in on all my bad experiences I've had with them. Over all, I'm very pleased with them... until it comes time to remove them. :nice:

  3. ttt, anymore comments between switching from shorties to longtubes and being able to remove the transmission?
  4. I love my lt's, i just pulled the tranny and motor out last weekend on my 88lx. The only thing i had to deal with were the O2's just had to take them out then the bellhousing slipped right out. the tranny came out easy though. Pulled the motor with the heads on it with out a prob.
  5. I swapped a T-5 in and out with longtubes...wasnt a problem
  6. italinaLX, i assume u have MACrap headers? with teh steering shaft going between them.
    SilverBullit- if u get LTs go with teh BBKs unless u have liek 600+ to spend.
  7. Alright guys those were the responses I was looking for.
    Thanks Alot