look what brown did for me

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  1. wheels are in. i have to wait until tomorrow to mount the tires so this is all i have for now.

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  2. They look great. You made the perfect choice for a yellow car. Sometimes I wish I would have got the polished ones as well.
  3. wheels look sweet... chromies right?
  4. Sooooo pretty.... :worship:
  5. Great choice!

    I've been looking at wheels for the past couple months, trying to decide which to get at the end of the summer. A couple weeks ago, I decided on those exact wheels. Very nice. Can't wait to see them attached to your stang.

    Where did you buy them from? Good service?
  6. got em on partshopper 856 including shipping lug nuts/locks and valve stems. one week from ordering to delivery, plus i had to call and add the lugnuts, they got them out with the wheels
  7. yep