Look what I bought!My new daily driver!Pics inside

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  1. :D Well I needed a beater car to make my 30 mile journey to work everyday so I would not have to drive the stang around.Just so happens this car was sitting down the street in a driveway for sale. Paid $675 bucks for the car. 92 Eagle Talon TSI AWD Turbo.The A/C even blows ice cold!Drives really well and the turbo spools up and pulls pretty hard.The body is straight and it has a clear title. The alternator went out shortly after I bought it on friday and I bought one at a local salvage yard for 35 bucks and put it in myself. Other than that its a really nice little car for what I paid. I know it's RICE but all its got to do is get me to work everyday. Tell me what ya think:nice: :flag:

  2. I dont think its rice at all, i would love something like that for a DD.
  3. A friend of mine back in highschool, her dad had a 90 Talon TSi AWD Turbo. I drove it a few times. Nice car, pullled hard. If you keep out of the loud pedal and out of boost, will get you great mileage. If not, you'll get some good commuting kicks when the turbo spools up.
  4. nice new ride.. Something economical without sacrificing the fun factor :D
  5. do the chickens have large talons?
  6. Those cars can run built right..I have a buddy that has one that has cams and big 16g turbo full turbo back system..Car runs good..
  7. :lol:

    Yea I guess it wouldnt be considered rice unless i put a big fart can on it and some euro lights which im not going to do. I might actually upgrade the turbo because this one stops making boost pretty early.Does anyone know what turbo you can put on these things that bolts right up to the stock stuff. I have heard a 20g is a good turbo:shrug:
  8. no dont fix it up if u want it as a daily driver. next thing u know, its gunna be a project, then u have to get another DD

  9. you speak truth:flag:
  10. 20 g way to big..Big 16 g with fmc and a mc..Get new hard piping and a crushed 2ng bov with a 2ng exaust manfold...
  11. Ill write that down. The car already has a crushed BOV from a 3000gt. <---I assume that will work or is the same thing you are talking about
  12. 3000 gt yeah thats better..Need any help just pm I was looking into buying a dsm awhile back b4 i got the stang.. Try www.dsmtunners.com they can be a big help..
  13. just swap in an EVO motor

  14. Considering I only paid 675 bucks for the whole car I dont think I will be spending money on stupid motor swaps. And why swap in an EVO motor when I could run 12's with this motor with a bigger turbo intercooler exhaust and more boost. I dont think I will be doing any of this newayz considering I just bought this to be my DD.
  15. I love those cars. Actually went to look at one right before I bought the Stang, but they got rid of it for some reason or another.

    AWD and a turbo can make for some fun damn launches.

    Is it a 5 speed or auto? And for 675 was there anything wrong with it or did u just get a hella good deal?
  16. what a steal! looks like a pretty nice car. I wouldn't mod it if it's your DD though..
  17. Wow, awsome! Those cars can be made wicked fast too lol.

    Ok guys GO HERE!!!! www.shepracing.com Yes its a 4 banger :eek: .

    Anyways a friend of mine has a 90 I believe it is...same type as yours. On a bog start it went a 12.9 @ 114. LOTS left in it too, and that was like 24PSI...he can go 29-30PSI. Its a very fast car. T 60 trim I think, internals stock except for probe 9.0-1 pistons. Stock cams/heads/intake manifold. Custom exhaust.

    And I met a guy a few moths ago with I think a 92...all he had was like a boost controller and a K&N. Ran mid-high 13s @ 99ish.
  18. i had Eagle Talon TSI befor. They are NOT economical to run!!! u need premium gas, and it don't get any better gas milege then 4.6l. In some case, i think it might been worse then 4.6l
  19. ^Eh? My friend got 30 or 32 MPG on the way to the track when he ran the 12.9 @ 114 :shrug: . Dumped in 2 gallons of 113 octain when he got there and had at it.