Look what i bought!!!

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  1. M-4 Carbine(AR-15), I decided to get this instead of the Trickflow Kit, its just gonna hold back a while. [​IMG]

    My gun collection for now, i finally got my AK-47 back after 7 months of bull**** [​IMG]

    Me holding my new girlfriend(i look fat for some reason, sweater is to big)
    [​IMG]sorry crappy camera
  2. You terrorist. :D Sweet!
  3. thats clean, it took me like a year to locate my REAL AK-47 but it was worth it, where did you get the ar-15 at?
  4. what happen to your ak? What you mean real? I got it at Lone Wolf for 988.30 with red-dot scope, and a grip in the front.
  5. I'm just glad I don't work with you....

  6. Talk about validating a stereotype, nice grandtheftauto poster. :shrug:
  7. Nice...I have been wanting to get a Sig lately and have been kicking around the idea of getting a AR15 type rifle as well. What are the going prices for a AR15 new and used?

    I have less guns now then when I was 8:rlaugh: ...I had a 30/30, 22, 20 guage, and a bow when I was 8...all on a gun rack over my bed...how back woods is that:rlaugh:

    All I have right now is a 22 rug. 1022 (prob. one of the best 22's IMHO), and a pellet gun:rlaugh: .
  8. Dang, I'd hate to be the guy who tried to rob you lol.
  9. me likey.

    but the trickflow kit would definately have been more fun. Especially since you already own a few weapons (the ak should be plenty fun)
  10. Im sure they regret it.lol
  11. my friend has that 22, we use it when were cheap, cuz you can buy like 1000 rds. for like 15 bucks. i saw a used AR-15 no brand, for 800 bucks i think it just depends were you go.
  12. What stereotype?
  13. but 2000 bucks more including instalation

  14. Thanks,

    Yep...super cheap and one consistant 22. I like the CCR or is it CCP rounds abit more in money but you can feel/hear/see the diff. in the round.

    I remember shooting apples out of a tree from 100-125yrds away at my buddys farm one time hung over waiting to get back out on the lake they had there.
  15. come on only 1000 more:D

    i would do the install for free if you were closer
  16. on my way to new york then. ill spend same on gas but i would travel thru almost whole U.S.lol
  17. yes there consistant, with that gun i hit 20 out of 25 rds. at 200yrds. at a metal plate 2 feet in diameter, pulling the trigger as fast as i could.
  18. now why would you want so many of those type of guns? i personally see it as a huge waste of money, especially when you put off an h/c/i combo.

    when do you actually get to use them? what do you shoot at? i really don't see the point.
  19. Use the new AR-15 to rob a bank, and buy 20 Trickflow kits :D

    Ok, don't really do that, but have fun shooting stuff anyway. :nice:
  20. Guero where do you live? Lets go shoot something!