Look what i bought!!!

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  1. i live on Phoenix. i shot them, my friend is a member at a range. and there better than puttting money into th car, cuz i can sell them for the same price i bought them.
  2. Where's the Mac-10? Nice start to your collection.
  3. Sell all three and get a 50 Cal.:drool:
  4. Face expression + gun=not good lol.
  5. sorry, i don't understand why a civilian would want to own an assault rifle.

    if you are that into assault rifles, then join the army.

    that kind of stuff is just inviting violence. someone is going to steal one of them and go on a rampage.

    just my opinion.
  6. Nice weapons!!!

    I lost some of mine, thanks to some BS. I have a whole ONE handgun now. Basically, starting from scratch again.
  7. What is even more rediculous is that they even sell them to civilians. Why? :shrug:
  8. Give me a break...read about the Second Amendment. The actual, documented history of the intent and purpose of it. Please.

    Here's a hint- it's not about target shooting or deer hunting.

    Back on topic...

    Nice rifle dude!

    What type of AK is that? By the wood color, it looks Hungarian.
  9. tell me....

    Oh yeh tell me about it.... tighter gun laws are needed... and in order to have those type of guns/weapons. Here in Canada we need a licence. Plus permits if you are transporting and or shooting that gun on a particular day.

    We have non-restricted and restricted classes, along with a class for crossbows. In order to have any type of gun you need a Firearms licence, which requires safety courses and hunting licences/shooting licences.

    The laws are tight but work and they are for everyone’s safety.
  10. Agreed
  11. Exactly
  12. Now I see why Canada has major firearm restrictions....a collection like that is just a tragedy waiting to happen, in my opinion.

    I've been in the army for 8 years now, and personally, I see no joy in having an issued weapon, let alone a collection at home.

    My C7-A2 is a pretty sweet assault rifle, but really, what can I do with it besides shoot random objects, without breaking laws that could put me in jail for life...I just don't see the point.

    In afghanistan, my rifle is my best friend, for the protection of myself and my subordinates in a place that's criminal code is almost dormant, and there is imminent danger to our lives....here in North America, we have absolutely no reason to use those weapons for protection...and thus, no reason to own them, even if just for collection purposes...

  13. i understand both sides but if you start to put restrictions on gun rights who knows when they will stop, then you may end up with no guns at all....
  14. I've argued this so many times, I don't even want to anymore.
  15. Not to sound like a retard, but aint them things illegal? Both the AK and the AR?!

  16. i agree with aaron--there is no need for a civilian in america to own a gun of that sort. they are made for one thing and one thing only--to kill people. while i agree with the fact that people kill people and not guns, having a that type of weapon makes it a lot easier for people to kill people. think about it--if you're facing the person you wanna kill and see a spoon and a gun on the table, you're obviously gonna go for the gun, especially if it's a freakin ak or any other automatic rifle. next thing you know people are gonna **** so much about gun control that people'll start owning rocket launchers and what not.

    there is absolutely no need for that ****, especially with the lifestyle we enjoy here...
  17. And that's bad?? The gun count in my household is 0, and not on person on my block has a problem with that....

    Could I say the same thing if my gun count was 5 and 3 of them are automatic assault rifles? I think my neighborhood feels pretty safe the way it is...and I'm guessing that pretty much every household on my block has the same gun count as myself...:) :shrug:
  18. Ram000 - It's not often that people agree with me, so thank you....will you be my friend?
  19. i thought we were already fwiends :(