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  1. :flame: You guys are a bunch of panzy azz tree huggers. For one thing, neither of those guns are automatic. If they are, they are illegal in the United States. They are semi-automatic just as most handguns are. Secondly, who are you to decide what guns should be legal, and what guns should be illegal? A person can be just as dead from a .22 caliber from Wal-Mart. What's the point in owning a 9mm pistol? You could do a much better job hunting with either of these rifles than you could with a pistol. It's people like you that have resulted in half of the rediculous laws that this country already has.
  2. well put :stupid:

    seriously, people can die if they get hit over the head by a brick or stabbed by a knife. so do you wish to outlaw them too?

    Remember, a gun wont go to jail if it kills someone, the person holding it will.

  3. I agree. Im sure you read the thread a while back about this thread starter getting shot at.. So sweet, now he has a bunch of guns, is involved with people who try to kill people. I bet it wont be long till hes in jail for murder. JMO. Dont be stupid with the guns man.

  4. There once was a day when people would settle things like MEN, with those things called fists, im sure most of you dont know what they are.
  5. great, just what this country needs is another young billy bob badass wannabe with assault rifles. what are u gearing up for, the next columbine? talk about a waste of money.
  6. i was merely exercising my right to voice my opinion.

    it is my opinion that a weapon developed for soldiers and used in a war combat zone is not appropriate for civilians in a non-combat zone.

    if we were in somalia, then i would probably have a different opinion (i would also probably have an assault rifle). that whole country is a combat zone.

    guns don't kill people. people kill people. but they use guns to do it.

  7. America could learn alot from canada in this respect. The murder rate per year in America is in the thousands, where as in canada its in the single digits!

    Gee i wonder if the gun restriction laws have anything to do with that? :shrug:
  8. People are too quick to fight period. Whats wrong with settling something with words?

    Being a man has nothing to do with your fists. Im sorry if thats how you see it.
  9. I would say, probably not. Do you think the people killing people in the United States are using guns that they purchased from a store to do so? There is a very large difference in population, as well as culture between Canada and the United States. If we adopted their gun laws, we would still have the same things going on in the streets with the weapons that are already available, and are imported illegally on a daily basis, without the ability to arm ourselves at the level that the criminals have.
  10. guns=trouble. period. and dont even use hunting as an excuse to have those ****in things. what do u hunt with an ak or ar, an elephant. i was upstate new york this weekend doing some snowboarding, and my buddy brought his guns (12 gauge, 356, serbian assault rifle) and we shot em off. but when i mean there is nothing around where we were, i mean nothing. not even running water at his cabin in the woods. thats where those things belong, not in the houses of real civilization. i thought this was a mustang site, for people to share thoughts and what not about their cars, not for this bull****. did u think u were cool or gangster when u posted those pics? were u trying to command respect from people who obviously think your a clown now? one day you'll pull that weapon out on the wrong person and your mother will be planning your funeral.
  11. Hey look sometimes you have to fight. Words dont always work, maybe you have never been in the situation. But being a pansy ass and trying to talk your way out of it is very much being a **** IMO.

    Rollin - the countries are very different, i agree. But guns are just sooooo easy to get here. I gurantee that if there were NO guns being sold at stores in america, the ammount of guns on the streets would drop alot. Maybe people who are murderes are not buying guns in stores themselves, but i bet the handguns they have were bought from someone, who bought the gun from a store - let me put it this way, theres a good chance it was bought from a store somewhere down the line.

    There was 80 homicides in dorchester this last year. Thats a city near boston. 80!! One city! Its a friggen war zone.

    I say, sell hunting rifles, but thats it! No hand guns sold to the public.
  12. Notice that I said all guns.....including Walmart purchases....there is no need to have semi, or fully automatic weapons in your house. If you hunt, get a hunting rifle, get a license for it, follow the guidelines, and you're alright, but having an AK in your house is a little intimidating to people, wouldn't you say?
  13. Thats what I was thinking..... :nice:
  14. Cars kill a lot more people than guns......they are really easy to get and get a license to operate. I don't ever hear anyone saying to outlaw them or only let people that have a legitimate need have them. I would just guess that most of us on here have, at one time or another, operated our Mustangs with less than caution. So, we may need to take cars away from people because they are dangerous too. It's all about the freedoms that our forefathers thought were important 1) Freedom of Speech 2) Right to keep and bear arms......and so on. I can just guess that they thought that the gun thing was important enough to put it second on the list. I keep and enjoy my guns; legally I might add. Do I feel safer because of them? YEP! Do I need an AR-15 or NHM-91 (like an AK, but semi auto)? Probably not, but I like them and think they are a blast to shoot. Just excercising my first two Constitutional rights with my friends.


  15. What percentage of homicides are from a person, who gets into his/her car,then proceeds to purposely run someone over to kill them? Most car accidents where someone dies are just that, accidents. Some attirubute to drunk drivers (illegal), speeding (illegal) and so on. But yet guns are legal. A murderer does not shoot someone on accident. Except in those rare cases where a young kid finds his dads gun (who is exercising his constitutional rights by owning the gun no less), then accidentaly shoots himself or a friend.

    You talk about the constitution, something written in 1787. When, colonists were worried about possible Indian attacks, british attacks and so on. As time goes on, things change, we become a civilized society. They should change the constitution to state that only hunting rifles are allowed. But, we all know that will never happen. And guess why? Cause the NRA has such power, just like cigarette companies (which kill people as well).
  16. That just makes cars that much more dangerous in that people get killed that often just by accident. If someone kills someone on purpose with a gun, knife, fists, brick or whatever they should take away their freedom (life in prison minimum). If someone gets their guns by illegal means, then take away their freedom (prison). Let's just keep the laws the way they are and enforce them. Make people think twice about popping a cap in someones ass just because they feel like it. Don't get me wrong, guns are dangerous and in the wrong hands are deadly. But, I don't ever forget that when I've got mine out of the safe to go shooting at the range. I don't want to be that statistic. Just my .02.
  17. did i ever say i took em out and point them at people? Im no gangster. Your a dumbass, you shoot them to, so whats your point? Theres shooting ranges were i live? SO your saying i need to get a house in the middle of no were to own them your a dumbass. the AK or AR is way smaller bullet than a hunting bullet. so do your research before you start making dumbass comments. so all those people that post they got heads and cam are trying to be cool and get respect. im not trying to be cool im not the only one who has posted about there guns, why dont you go **** at them to. Make no comment on something you have no idea of.and by the way its a Romanian for who ever asked.
  18. im no white trash billiy bob. im mexican. badass? your car is more of a waste of money than my guns. How much did you pay for it? how much can you sell it for? Now me i can get the same amount 30 yrs from now.

  19. well said heh
    damn americans and their guns :nonono:

    What do you do with all your gun? do you shoot people or just shine them ?
  20. actually i have shot one person with the ak. in self defense. bastard starting shooting at me first. And i go to the range and shoot them.