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  1. thank you!
  2. Well people like you who say "sometimes you have to fight" are the people who commit all these homicides you are talking about. It basically boils down to People who don't think. Thats why everyone else who is responsible is given a bad rap.

    FYI, I probably know more about fighting than you. Ive trained for kyoshin and other martial arts for over 10 years now. I train about 4 times a week. There have been many situations in my life where i have avoided fights (though i have fought in my own defense) despite being trained to fight. Why havent I???? Plain and simple, I think about the consequences. Severly injuring someone because of my training will give me and my training a bad image.

    Exactly the same reason as people who dont know how to handle their firearms make everyone responsible look bad.
  3. where in any of my posts did i call u white trash? how come somebody who isn't caucasion has to bring up a race card. it doesn't matter what my car costs, it doesn't matter how much i have into it (though i'm sure i have more into it than u make in a year). the thing is in 30 years i'll still be around to enjoy it, you'll probably be dead or in jail. i said we shot the guns off on one occassion, i dont own any, and if i did i wouldn't be an ******* and post my picture on the net holding it. thats just plain dumb. dude, i dont wanna go back and forth here, u dont know me and i dont know u. i think what u did is just stupid. how do u know nobody in here has had a loved one or a child killed by a gun in the past?
  4. if so what does it matter. Im sure someone in here has had a loved one killed or child killed by a car. Yet, as citizens of this great country we are allowed to enjoy them (just like guns).

    comments like that are what got you banned last time
  5. Collect ****, at least then you can get some real shots off....
  6. LOL, u just said you have fought in your own defense!!! Nothing wrong with that IMO. Like i said, sometimes you gotta fight. I by no means go outa your way to start something with someone, but if your attacked, or gf is or something to that affect you gotta do something.

    Ive only boxed for 8 years now, just for fun mainly.
  7. why does it matter? because you can really touch a sore nerve with somebody. i'm sure somebody in here has had a loved one killed by a car in an accident, does that mean we should support drunk driving and illegal street racing? and do i know u? i was never banned u jackass, u must have the wrong person. if i was banned, how am i here? u really are an ignorant fool.
  8. a billy bob is considered white trash. i got 2 cousins, 1 uncle, 1 aunt, and a friend killed by guns. and i still think there safe if used correctly. so dont tell me if i dont know any one. in 30 yrs you'll be the dead one if you have more than 30,ooo bucks into your car if you put more than i make a year, now that would be stupid. so all the people who post up pics with them and their stangs are idiots?
  9. Alright, getting a little out of hand here.....no reason to start bashing over a simple debate

    The mods, I'm sure, will have no problems locking this thread, so tone it down
  10. so all these close people to u have died due to the result of firearms and you would still post an idiotic picture like that? your real smart. why would the amount of money i put into my car cause me death? explain that, please. and for the people that post pics of their stangs in here, they're supposed to. last time i checked this was stangnet, not firearms.com.
  11. this is the talk section last time i checked. i can post anything. the amount of money put into your car will result in your death when you lose control from all the power. thats not an idiotic picture, its just you thats the idiot
  12. i can post anything to bro, including posting how stupid your picture is. whats the matter, didn't think your picture and thoughts would get u bashed? did u think when u posted that everybody would just bow down to u because your holding a gun? r u upset because i have the balls to say what i feel? if u look back through this thread i wasn't the only one to oppose your pics, i just have the courage to speak what i feel and stand my ground. and i dont need to stand there with a gun to feel confident and brave. who said anything about my car having power? i said it has alot of money into it, i never said **** about its power. for all u know the motor could be stock and it could have a $15,000 paint job. the picture is ridiculous, u look like u belong on the FBI'S 10 most wanted list. and one thing is for certain, u r obviously an immature kid.
  13. but didn't you say you have more money in your pos than what i make a year? now you says guns are a waste of money, but then you come up with an idiotic post about 15,000 dollar paint job. im sure you dont but think before you post. you have no courage, wow you speak your mind on the web, bet in real life your a little ****.
  14. ok you asked for it

    this is your meber profile
    long island, new york
    1995 svt cobra
    Engine type and displacement:
    331 ci
    Tranny type:
    Street Radials

    and this is his
    Date of Birth:
    January 1st, 1979
    long island, ny
    1995 mustang cobra
    Engine type and displacement:
    331 stroker
    Tranny type:
    Street Radials

    hmmm this guy has a lot of money into a 95 cobra and lives on long island. And go figure, looks how similar his name is too yours. Ive alos seen the "ive got more into my car than you make in a year" comment before. must be a really funny coincidence.

    your name was banned, not your ip. nice try though
  15. some people need to learn when enough has ben said and when it is time to drop it.

  16. you have 4 family members killed by guns? holy crap!

    where do you live? i know noone that was killed by a gun.
  17. I love how little debates on here make 20-somethin year olds act like little boys.

    Guero - Did you expect everyone to support your gun collection and pat you on the back? Obviously not, you are smarter than that. Some don't like the guns, you bought them so obviously you do, so who cares?

    Also, on the deal of why no one gets mad about a car being posted, well, this is STANGnet. When people type www.stangnet.com and click to come here, they know they expect to see cars. If they are emotionally unstable to see a Ford Mustang on the internet, well, they have some deeper issues. If someone on this sight has that deep of issue with a gun, I'm sure you can talk to a mod and this thread will be deleted.

  18. Thats not right. Toronto alone almost doubled their death by gun rates this year to 52. Canada has consistently made tougher and tougher gun laws yet experienced an increase in gun related violence.

    Its going down in the United States. Its still much higher, but we are making progress with our liberal gun laws while Canada is backsliding with their tougher gun laws. Its one of the things the liberal Canadian government is under fire for. Their gun registry was supposed to cost 2 million and now has cost Canadians over 1 billion. Its not working.

    You can't compare the shear numbers of deaths from Canada and the US. The united states has about 10 times the population of Canada. I'm willing to bet if you made ratios, they'd be much more inline then people think.

    Blaming gun related violence on the guns themselves is like blaming your pencil for a misspelled word.

    I recently got my FID card and have only shot at a couple target ranges and been hunting once. But I think its fun as hell to target shoot and hunt with your friends. A properly set up hunting rifle is much more dangerous then an AR-15, IMO.

    Is there a point to owning an assault rifle? Not really. Is there a point to having a daily driven street car that can go 160 mph? Not really. Both are deadly and overkill, especially if used in the wrong hands/irresponsibly. But used responsibly, both can be fun and enjoyable.

    - Adam
  19. ok

    1st 95cobra you got issues you say he don't know you don't talk **** and what have you done the whole time talk **** on him. You don't know him either so shut your mouth

    2nd I have a lic to carry and I do now i don't have anything like that but I wouldn't mind if i did. You people come in here and say get rid off all the guns except one for hunting HELLO JACKASS'S the criminals will just use them kind instead. You know why they use guns off the street Because they can't be traced. Guns leave marks on the bullets so they can be tracked you think a criminal will use a gun that can be traced back to him.

    3rd Kevin R I believe I made a post about this a while back and everybody said i was ****ing to just shut up now you make the same type of comment. You don't want to see other stuff besides stangs get rid of the god damn talk section and only post tech. But I make them comments be cause i'm "a little ****" What the **** are you buddy? There has been so many times I have made a comment and was talked bad about and then later on other people say the same thing and nothing is said. Theres 2 god damned people in here that said this is stangnet we should only have stangs yet when i say that its worng