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  1. Blah now I'm confused....
  2. i didn't say anything about talking ****, i said he didn't know me, i didn't know him, and i didn't want to go at it back and forth. but we did and now i'm done with it. i think u have some issues because i didn't say dick to u at all, so back off toughguy.
  3. like i said the first time, wrong guy. but i'll let u know if i run into him--lotta stangs here on LI.

  4. I looked into, i was indeed wrong on the single digits. Dunno where i had read that. Anyways, heres the homicide ratios per 100,000 people, canada - 2.16. USA - 5.64. Thats indeed a large difference. Homicides due to guns - Canada - .076. USA - 3.72. Again, monster difference.

    To me, if banning guns from being sold in america would lead to a 10 % decrease in homicides due to guns, i say do it! It could be your loved one some day that is not shot cause the hardass down the street couldnt get his hands on a gun.
  5. funny how he was banned in december and you joined in december....

    i bet you are going to deny that you live in smithtown as well?
  6. sorry pal, i live in huntington. do u have any idea how many people live on long island?
  7. actually yes i do. i spent the summer all over the island, including huntington. Ill actually be there this weekend.

    but seriously you can stop denying it. I had some free time and looked at some of 95cobradudes old posts and some of yours under this new name. You both are 27 and smoke pot. They both say the same exact thing about your car (vortech s trim, had to sell 42's and step up to 55's, vic jr heads, mac long tubes, same fuel system, should i continue?).....and you still have the same crappy attitude:ban: .
  8. IF THATS THE CASE LOOK at Mexico's gun death rate. and only cops are suppose to have them.
  9. is that to me? i never called you that.
  10. Is this whole statement directed at me? If it is you have some **** messed up in your head there partner.

    When did I say I only wanted to see stangs? Never. Nice try. I clearly was responding to what people said about how a car posted might upset someone if they lost someone in a car accident, well, why would they be on here? So, what are you talking about? I never said not to post this, I said if someone had that deep of a problem with it, they could report it to a moderator. Did I say I had a problem with it, um, no. Maybe go read again.

    Also, when did I say ANYTHING to you about this subject? When did I tell you to shut up? And how am I acting like a little ****? Please, I would LOVE to hear this.

    On an extra note, you can say whatever the hell you want to say because this is the ****ing internet. Seriously. I never said to him "WHY THE HELL DO YOU OWN THOSE GUNS? GAY!!!! OMG STOP POSTING!!!!" Umm, no. I was stating my opinion on the ownership of guns, in a pretty damn polite manner.

    So, you may want to re-think who is acting like a little **** here, because out of the two of us, it isn't me.

    **If that whole statement was not directed at me, I retract this post. If it was, I would love to hear what you have to say back in your oh-so great english.

  11. Point made.

    However, if you start banning things that are dangerous, then every vehicle out there should be speed limited to 65mph. I'll bet you'll see a marked decrease in vehicular related deaths. Or make it so a car won't start until you blow into an alcohol sensor on the steering wheel and buckle your seat belt. Undoubtedly this would save thousands of lives, right?

    Hey, a disgusting amount of Americans are obese. You gonna start banning fat people from buying oreos? It sounds ridiculous but the first thing thats gonna go soon are those video games that you love so much. Don't you know its video games that cause violent children? Bad parenting has nothing to do with it!

    The point I'm trying to make is that once you start limiting things that could potentially possibly prevent deaths, the roller coaster starts. The last thing I need is some government official with an ugly suit and a bad come over telling me how to live my life. Don't make new laws, enforce the ones we have. Put more cops on the streets, spend more on education. Taking the rights away from law abiding citizens isn't going to stop the criminal element from being criminal.

  13. Would you guys please chill out? This is an interesting read with some good discussion and I don't want to see it locked. Please take it to PMs.

  15. I am actually very chilled out and was involving myself in this discussion in a very peaceful manner. I never bashed Guero, I only stated my opinion on gun ownership.

    Then, somehow, I had to have my name bashed for some odd reason.
  16. i didn't bash on you, i only bashed on the cobraguy cuz he was being a dick, and he wont meet up, hes only saying it to look tough.
  17. :hail2: :hail2: :hail2: :hail2:

  18. now you are just a liar, and a bad one at that. You are not worth my time here or in person.

    remember fawcett's thead entitled "Unsure how i feel tonight"?
    allow me to refresh your memory
    once again.....you were banned under a different name, but you are obviously the same rude and arrogant person
  19. Guero - I know you did not bash me. I was not referring to you. :cheers: