Look what i bought!!!

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  1. Nice peaces Guero. I wouldn't mind popping off a few AK rounds. That ones prolly not full auto though...
  2. i wish it was lol
  3. just making sure
  4. x2 :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

    I dont know whats funnier...that 94gts was actually able to remember those facts and pull this guys card...or the fact that all this evidence is on the table and cobraguy is still trying to lie his way out of it.

    I could really care less. It just gave me a hell of a good laugh(gf asked what i was laughing about :rlaugh: ) I mean, it could a be a different guy, but damn, if EVERYTHING matches up...then hey...94GTS has already presented the evidence.

  5. 95CobraGuy got seriously owned there....that's quite impressive, and hilarious
  6. ram what does that pic mean?
  7. One thing i wanted to say to go along with the 1 decent discussion that was going on in here is that those of you that bring up other things like cars and other things that kill people...cars are not created to kill people. While i do not know why they would make a vette to go 160 on the street...when the fastest speed limit in the country is what 80mph? Anyway, a car is not made to be a tool to kill something. Its a way for transportation which is VITAL to our society. A gun is vital for war...but you know what, if i lived somewhere where i felt i needed a gun for protection , i might think about getting one. But then again, i wouldnt want to live there for long.

    I understand its a hobby and you guys like it. Thats great for you. And i dont blame you for getting that instead of h/c/i...thats what makes you HAPPY and thats what matters. But the thing you gotta understand is all the idiots give all you guys a bad "rep". Just like all the idiots out here in mustangs give us a bad "rep" when most of us are probably the most responsible mustang drivers on the road :nice:
  8. well put.
  9. "owned" es como decir "itapon, pendejo!" y en este cazo, es como decirle a ese guey 95cobradude que se calle lo esico.
  10. Geuro nothing i said was to you.
    kevin I was not calling you the little ****. What i ment was when I posted a while back about not having anything but stang related stuff on here people called me a little ****. I remember you posting in all them threads i started and had some comments to say to and about me. I just think its funny how people will get on people about saying something then say it themselves later.

  11. This is exactly what it boils down to. You da man.

    Oh, and +1 on the :owned: Cobraguy/Cobradudes. Good investigation GTS!
  12. Yes, but I never once said this place should only be for Stangs, nor did I say that is all I wanted to see here.

    Just stating my opinion on guns. That is all.

  13. Is anyone familiar with some SKS assault rifle or something to that sort? I remember my uncle telling me awhile ago he had one so I was curious what it was.
  14. I believe the SKS is Russian "Something Self Loading carbine" (which is where the SKS comes from translated back into Russian)

    Pretty sure used in WWII but there could be something more modern, not sure.
    I believe one of the first of its kind to load itself through some kind of gas operation..beats me how it works.
  15. LONG POST Warning

    I grew up in the city...my parents couldn't help me with college at all. I had to work/pay my way through school. I moved out when I was 20, and could only afford a small apartment in the ghetto. My Dad advised me to get a concealed handgun permit when I turned 21, and being that he's a 33 year veteran of the Pittsburgh police force, I took his advice and did this.

    After I graduated from college and got married, my wife and I couldn't afford a nice place out in the burbs, so we rented a house in the city. The neighborhood we moved into was supposed to be decent.

    It wasn't, and got continually worse the longer we lived there (we've just now put a deposit on a nice house out in the burbs :) ).

    Well, one night I was leaving my house at about 7:00PM. My wife's Mustang was parked on the street. I saw a man hunched over her car, so I started walking over to investigate. Well, this big, black, and mean looking crackhead had a large knife stuck in the keyhole of her car and was violently trying to twist it and jam it in.

    I calmly asked him what he was doing. He didn't react very calmly. He approached me, with the knife, and said he was going to kill me. I advised him to stop where he was. He continued, until I pulled the 2" barrel .357 I had in my coat pocket. He stopped where he was, and then backed away about 20 yards down the street. He stopped there and told me that he and his boys would be back to shoot up my hosue, shoot me, shoot my car, ect. I advised him that this wouldn't be a good idea. He guaranteed me that he'd be back.

    I called 911 immediately and told them what happened, and let them know that if he came back I would in fact shoot him.

    It took the cops 40 minutes to arrive. Imagine if I wouldn't have had a gun and he would've stabbed me. 40 minutes later, I'd be dead and he'd be long gone as the cops showed up.

    Fact is, there's plenty of ways to kill someone without a gun, and the cops are simply too busy to provide constant protection to everyone. Guns give claws to the weak, and this isn't the only time I've been damn glad to have one. I won't give up my right to self defense.
  16. Yes, there isn't really an argument of gun ownership, at least in my mind. I agree, there are good sides.

    But you didn't pull out an AK-47 now did you? :) Also, how would you feel if people in this bad neighborhood had access to AK-47's? That is all my point.
  17. No, I didn't pull out one of my AKs, but there are times when you'd be well served by owning an AK-47...an easy example comes to mind when I think of the recent looting and total civil breakdown which recently occured in New Orleans. There are documented cases of Asian shop owners defending their lives and the lives of their families in LA during the early 90s riots with AKs and other assault rifles.

    Furthermore, there are plenty of automatic weapons, including AK-47s, in my old neighborhood. Gun control doesn't work; criminals will always have access to guns. They are criminals, by definition they don't follow the law. Why would they give up their weapons when they're banned? "Well, I won't be able to use my Tec-9 in the armed robbery I have planned tommorow because of the recently passed assault weapons ban! Damnit!".
  18. someone already said it: it only takes one bad apple to ruin the rest of the bunch.

    i don't think the argument here is against all guns--i think it simply questions what types of guns should be allowed on the streets. in some cases, having an ak may be appropriate, but most of us are upset at the fact that they're made for one thing--killing in the offense, not for self-defense.

    i'm glad things have calmed down a bit, it's cool to be able to discuss issues like this with you guys. i'll say it again:

    "Stangnet--not just mustangs, we tackle real issues" hehe