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  1. I know people that deer hunt with an SKS, although it is not ideal for that. One can be had for $100 around here (a decent used piece).
  2. So because you're upset about the purpose of the gun**, you think that folks should be denied their right of self defense?

    It's easy to look at the criminal shootings which occur and place blame on access to the weapon. On the flipside, it's also easy to note the times in which a firearm was legally used in self defense (I have many examples of this). It's not so easy to notice the many instances where possession of a firearm, including an assault weapon, could have prevented a terrible criminal act.

    Fact is, there have been plenty of times where assault weapons have been used to defend a law abiding citizen from criminals when a regular firearm wouldn't cut it.

    I would rather trust the citizens of this nation with the great power, and great responsibility, which comes with owning a powerful weapon than deny them their right to self-defense.

    As Ben Franklin said, "Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

    **Michail Kalishnikov, inventor of the AK-47, claims that his weapon was designed as a defensive weapon to be used for the defense of Russia, and not as an offensive weapon of war.
  3. What? The SKS is a perfect deer rifle...it's accurate and follow up shots are fast and easy. It also fires a round which is the ballistic equivalent of the American .30-30 Winchester...which is the all time most popular deer hunting round.

  4. What nmcgrawj said was right.

    Cars arent made for killing, i need a truck for working.. Id say less then 1 or 2 % of our population actually NEED to own a gun for work, that being cops. I wont include soldiers here, but they need guns when going to war.

    I can see your point about parents. It IS all about the parents. If parents would just raise there kids right, we wouldnt have half the problems we have today.

    Heres my answer to criminals. You murder someone, you intend to murder someone and fail, or you molest a child, automatic death penalty after trial. and death will be by the ole hanging method. None of this injection **** that they do not even feel. First, it would wipe ALOT of the pieces of trash off the streets, second it would free up alot of tax money, and third maybe people would think twice about their actions, knowing what fate awaits them.
  5. Most the people I talk to says it's OK, and good for the money, but not ideal. All the guys I know that carry one want something else. I guess I should have started that response with, I've heard...
    I have only used my .243, and most of the people I hunt with have a .300, or 30-06, and one guy has a Savage .308. My family/friend's seem to think a .30-30 round isn't big enough, but we like to knock em over so we don't have to trail very long :nice: .
  6. Yeah, it depends on where you hunt...I hunt in the woods of Pennsylvania, so a nice brush busting round like the .30-30 or 7.62x39 is ideal. The longest shot I've ever taken on a deer was 125 yards. Out west, these rounds aren't adequate for the long range shooting you'll do.
  7. i can see where both sides are coming from but I do believe in our rights as americans to own guns. Sure an ak47 or ar15 is not practical but there is nothing wrong with owning one and going to target shoot. Just like with our cars, there are gun ethusiasts. Everyone has a hobby and just because you dont agree doesn't mean you guys need to bash him for owning one. I will be getting my concealed permit soon and will be purchasing my first hangun. Will I have ever have to use it? probably not but you know what... if i ever do I'll feel more comfortable knowing that its there just in case. i'd rather be on an even playing field then some cracked out criminal who wants to break into my house, or hurt me or my family. most people say call the cops if someone breaks into your house but the majority of the time they are not there when the actually situation occurs and your there to fend for yourself or your family. I much rather be armed and actually able to protect myself or them.
  8. yeah cops are worthless when a real emergency is there, but you can bet your ass thell be there when you dedide to get home a little quicker. Bunch of pussies.
  9. ive got an all black remington 12gauge pump and a browning auto 12 ga. from 1904, it was my grandfathers gun and i found out some history about it. it was used from ww1 all the way to vietnam as a trench gun because it was the first auto 12 gauge that actually worked. so yeah ive got a gun with alot of history thats over a hundred years old and was my grandfathers, pretty cool. plus it had been over 25 years since it had last been fired and it shot the first time i tried pretty cool i thought. and it was free. and i guarantee that either one of those guns will stop anyone coming through my front door as well as that ak, especially with 00 buck in the chamber.
  10. WHAT!!?? So nobody bow hunts anymore!? :shrug:

    :D sorry
  11. tell that to bush and his "patriot act"
  12. That video is awesome! ...shoot him in his tootles:rlaugh:
  13. The USA PATRIOT act is garbage.

    Fortunately, the most heinous parts of it will likely expire next February, barring some sort of miracle for the President.
  14. bush is ful of **** also. sending all those brave kids for what? ****ing oil. Irag never posed a threat to the USA, But what did he do to Afganistan, nothng just a couple of months cuz theres no oil.
  15. I have no idea what what this conversation is about, but . . . NUKE EM ALL!!
  16. i did lasr saturday its fun, but didn't get anything, going again this weekend. hopefully i get a buck
  17. oh ****, he has automatic weapons, looks like a terrorist and hates bush. somebody do something..

    *** iraq, kill thise dune coons and take the oil. they stink
  18. ....i guess bow season is over now... :( oh well