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  1. glad we see eye-to-eye on something :flag:
  2. I don't think the patriot act is garbage at all. Please explain what part of it you disagree with. My only problem with the patriot regards in tapping phones without proper warrants. But the solution to that problem isn't the tapping, its that the warrant process needs to be streamlined.

    It kills me when people want the government to protect us from terrorists but then insist that the government can't watch or listen to them until they do or say something first. And then whichever party is not in power, and not at fault, gets to play the I told you so blame game. The current political situation sucks in that the left and the right are so polarized.

    Thomas Jefferson said those who would trade freedom for liberty deserve neither. And I agree with that to a large extent. But this is not the 1700s. Thomas Jefferson did not know about nuclear bombs being detonated by cell phones. As the liberals are so keen to point out, the Constitution is a living breathing document.

  3. What I don't like most about the PATRIOT ACT:

    All of your records, public, private, whatever, are subject to government search, seizure, and investigation without your knowledge. Imagine your employer being contacted by some federal agents because you checked The Communist Manifesto out of the library 7 years ago and you own a couple of firearms. Your are okay with this? I'm not.

    You are subject to detainment for an indefinite amount of time with no warrant if you are a suspected terrorist...

    Don't have time to continue right now. I'll get back to this.

  4. At least we agree on that.
  5. Now I don't like Bush. At all. His fiscal policy single handedly turned me from the republican party.

    But to people saying that Bush went to war for oil... you are ignorant. What are oil prices at? How much more oil are we getting? We don't set the price on the oil we get. How many refineries have we confiscated? The price of oil will continue to climb, and has climbed, during our entire occupation of Iraq. The only war for oil Bush is involved with is the one to drill Alaska.


    This is why we went to Iraq. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.


  6. Care to give a brief description of that link? Kinda long....

    Doesnt bush have some business ties with Bin Ladens family or something?

    So with all those things Bush "claimed" in the beginning about Iraq, how many has he proved to be true? And i still dont believe they found Saddam in a ****ing hole looking like a homeless guy on crack. Come on, you really think a power lord like that just bowed down and went and ran in a hole? LOL The US might be the "best" country to live in but then again, our governments, especially this one, are pretty damn corrupt. But then again, thats politics aint it?

    Its gotten so out of hand, is there a straight up reason of why we went to war? There was so much bull**** in the beginning, most of which was false, so whats the reason now? What did Iraq have or what did Iraq do that made Bush kill all our soldiers? I would be much happier if the world went with Bush...but he went by himself. Not cool:nono:

    (Now i havent read up on this crap lately, so please feel free to enlighten me about any facts or ideas you choose)
  7. oil prices have remained as high as they are because bush and his oil tycoon friends are making some serious bank! i read a couple months ago that the top oil/gas companies are reporting over 90% increase in profits--wtf?

    i wonder if we stopped bombing the middle east--would we have less terrorism to deal with? would we still be the most hated country in the world?
  8. not till the end of this month
  9. the price of oil is the same cuz they can make more money out of it, and people would pay for it. And yes Bush has coneections to the BinLaden family. why do you think they let them leave in airplanes on the 9-11 incident, when no one was allowed in that air but air force.
  10. LMAO

    This has gotten way more involved than a simple Second Amendment debate.
  11. THe Michael Yon link is a photojournalist who is behind the liines in Iraq. He reports back in "dispatches" and his story is a lot different then the crap you see on CNN.

    Thats not true, you need to read the 9/11 Commission's Report, which goes into detail about who authorized those flights, and Bush had nothing to do with it. Some of you are silly... do you also believe that Bush blew up the levies in NO because he hates black people???

    Saying that Bush took an entire country to war so that his stock options go up is the biggest conspiracy theory in the world. There is no vast right wing conspiracy. Investing in oil, gold, silver, etc will ALWAYS reap returns. Until we experience DEflation, putting together a portfolio in tangibles and in energy is smart and frankly common knowledge.

    I invest in gold. As your dollar is worth less and less, you still have the same amount of gold. And because Bush is such an idiot in regards to economics, he's going to need to vastly deflate the dollar in order to have a prayer in hell in putting a dent in his out of control spending.

    Buy oil, buy precious metals... I will say with 99 percent certainty that it will pay off especially in the next several years. Blaming Bush for intelligently managing his investments doesn't make sense to me.

    I guess my position on Bush is that I'm dissapointed with everything he's done except how he's responded to terrorism.

  12. As long as its true, i just think its funny that he is in business with the family of our most wanted terrorist...or atleast one of them.

    Hey, how exactly do you invest in gold?