look what i broke!

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  1. i was going about 70mph down the highway in my 89 n/a2.3l vert and desided to pass a slower car, i gave her alitle more gas and it downshifted. next thing i hear is a very loud snaping sound the RPMs shot up to about 7k real fast, so i let off the gass and it dies. now i had to cross 3 lanes of trafic going about 70-75mph in a dead car(not fun) well i got it toed home its a sad day to see your pony on a flatbed :( i pulled the trans and found this, whats left of my flex plate. i did not think i ever had to worry about this on a n/a2.3 with an a4ld.(and no i have never done a N-drop on this thing)
    well the good news was that i pulled the trans, replaced the flex plate and drove it to work the next day.(having 4 spare motors realy pays off) all for about $6 worth of trans fluid.
    has any one seen a 4banger do this?
  2. thats a pretty bad break. Was there a seam or weld there? Thats really odd.

    You're also pretty lucky, we were at the track earlier this year when a clutch assembly came apart and cut a guy's foot off.
  3. ive seen that happen a couple times
  4. it was one piece i stress was! it just snapped.
    i didnt think 88hp could do that, maybe it was the big NOPI sticker i have on the side of my car :rolleyes: (only kidding)
    its an auto i thought the trans would go first.
  5. Thats a really ugly thing, hope mine never does that!
  6. Here is my 92 after she blew the front main seal on the tranny, damn A4LD. That would be the tranny fluid she was pouring out when I was on my way to the drag strip with my friends. :rolleyes:


  7. yummy red x's
  8. RPM breaks that kind of stuff not power output.