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  1. I finally got my new poly bushings after I put my sway bars in :doh: But I am going to put them in some time over X Mas break. The stock 5.0 sway bar bushings are shot and so are the end links. I hope that they will go in smooth. I also have to replace the rear speed nuts, they are not worth crap. I am just going to use some nuts in place of them.

  2. sway bar and end links is cake, i bet u could to it in less than an hour, remove,re-bush,install...no problem ;o)
  3. There is rust from where the old mount bushings rubbed, do you guys think that I should sand it down and repaint, or can I leave it?

    Thanks Dan
  4. it would probly look nicer, but it would take ALOT of rust to make any differnce as far as strengh goes. So its up to you....
  5. I imagine if you don't clean up the rust they'll squeek and destroy your new bushings sooner than later.........

    Why not get another set of bars to clean-up, put together, etc. and then just swap them if you want to take your time with the job?

  6. Well I got time to take the new front bar off and sand and paint it over this X-Mas. I am just not sure what paint to use and how much. The paint that is on the sway bar is thick, so I want it about the same. If you guys have some ideas let me know.
  7. one of these days when im more into ironing out the fine details of my car, i think ill slap a coat of paint on all the picapart pulls ive swapped in...i usualy wipe the dirt off and say "wow...that looks awsome, BOLT IT ON"