Look what I picked up @ FFW in houston! *PICS*

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  1. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA :rlaugh: Im saving this pic thats great LOL
  2. How was FFW? I wasn't able to go :(
  3. Overloaded_Truck_-_Pagan.jpg

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  4. is that the foreign version of the beverly hillbillies??
  5. Neither was I. Stupid Home Depot :mad:
  6. Nice hood.. That's the one i'd like to put on my car.

    Awesome way to rig it up man, that's hilarious!! :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
  7. Lucky dog! I went to Englishtown Swap Meet today hoping for 1. rear bumper cover 2. MGW shifter 3. 4" cowl hood. Went prepared with 2 old sheets and some rope just in case and came home with nothing but a CJ Pony Parts Catalog. Congratulations on the new hood.
  8. I wish I would have been free, though I wasn't able to :(

    I love to just walk around and look at things I wish I could afford :)
  9. Yea FFW was great :D. Rented a hotel, ate good food, soaked up the rays, seen some SICK cars, learned a few things, and looked at the 10% of the women there who werent overweight lol. But seriosuly, I had an awsome time....just wish I wouldnt have got burnt up :mad: .

    And wish some of you guys could have made it out :(.

    You know there wernt half the spectators there this time that there was last time....not even as many cars. Come to find out today, alot of people are boycotting (sp) Ford because they are spending alot of $$$ on gays.

    I really dont see the need for Ford to throw money at a particular group...but them supporting gays, sure as heck isnt stopping me from going to FFW LOL. Its their money...if they want to throw it away to make them guys feel good and pat them on the back, then I cant stop them. :shrug:
  10. hotmustang331, did you go Sunday, or just saturday? I only got to go Saturday, but I heard sunday was killer. Alot more cars, and goodies. Nice hood to. Friday was payday for me. I did the smart thing and brought only enough cash to get me in, and by a coke :) or else I would've left there with a bunch of stuff. UPR was selling a white face guage kit for $39 on sunday!
  11. haha, I dont think its bc Ford supports "gays", per say. Its bc they advertise in some gay magazines and now some jesus freaks (hey im a believer too, but some people are taking it too far. Love thy neighbor, right?) are causing a big stink over it and boycotting Ford.
  12. Shaweet, I can't wait to see it painted and installed.
  13. I know, its going to look sick painted up...I love the dome look lol. But the clowns who had it before us didnt know what they were doing...you should have seen the latch area, it was all crooked and looked like they cut it out with a skill saw! And on top of that they cut the hole about an inch and a half to far to the left lol. They also looked to have skimmed the entire under side edge with bondo for NO reason (should be able to see it in the new pics....edited first post). And filled in some of the holes for the rubber mounts, and filled in half the slot for your hood prop (just enough to where the prop wont fit)...so we have a little cleaning up work to do. It should be done and on there maybe next week.

    And Helty, are you serious? Is that ALL Ford has done???? I was under the impression from what I heard from others that they are supporting them big time and doing alot (re: too much) for them. But come on putting an add in a gay mag, thats nothing lol.

    Makes you wonder what a "Christian" was doing looking through a gay mag in the first place....how do you know its there unless you see it? LOL