Look what this stupid ass did to a Boss 302...

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by 88 Fox GT, Dec 1, 2003.

  1. That is so stupid :nonono: i hate it :notnice:
  2. That vinyl roof is way kwel! :lol:
  3. That's what happens when someone with "rice" in their pockets gets ahold of a classic automobile. Yes, rice can be established with simple everyday "AMERICAN MADE" parts. :notnice: :puke:
  4. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh: Starting Bid 14k. :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
    Well some Fool and his money will soon part ways.

    :( To see a true Boss Car in that Condition.

  5. it looks like a grizzly bear melted on the dashboard. :nonono:
  6. Yes but at the same time someone as smart as You or I may wind up buying it and bring her back from the dead. Not saying I will cause I have no money and time for that. Too much going on with my '66. I would give like 5 grand for that as it is. but dont get too mad yet becuase it can be saved...
  7. 14k not bad for a nutcase of a boss thou right? With a 429...I mean I might could see someone buying it for that much cus you could return it to stock and it would be worth more and such.......Damn that is ugly.
  8. Thats where my shag carpet went--
  9. :nonono: but arent all boss 302's "G code" cars? isnt that the number in the VIN that designates it as a boss 302? if so...then that means he really did bastardize a true boss, and he should be killed for it.
  10. If he did this to a TRUE boss 302 he should be hunted and destroyed. That's just wrong as far as I or anyone else probably is concerned. :nonono: :notnice:
  11. There should be laws against doing thing's like that.

  12. It will always be a has been (or never was). Where is the original motor? That answer will tell you what it's potential value is.
  13. Bling Bling yo i betz he bez a lukn to ghet dem ho's fur da homslizes n dat piez of ****nit.
  14. fo ****zle my dizzle
  15. That's wrong :(
  16. yea, the g does indicate a boss. i would do some serious checking before i believed it was a boss.

    That velour carpet interior is something else, eh? while i was looking at the pictures the song 'low rider' started running through my head! lol
  17. This car proves that there were ricers around long before they were called ricers
  18. :rlaugh:

    "the axle of evil" is nothing compared to that...