Look what this stupid ass did to a Boss 302...

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  1. It's a 70's custom, he says in the description from 76 to 82. I used to see the type at the Carl Casper shows. Call it rice if you want but it's nothing more than an old custom that's been refreshed. Back when it was done the cars weren't that valuble and you could get a big block for next to nothing due to the 70s gas crisis. Sadly, the Boss 302 engine probably got traded or sold off back then.
  2. Just lost my lunch...

    and it was a good Roast Beef Sandwich too!! :puke: :jaw:

    OMG, what an abortion!!! BUT, RacerX's reply does make sense if the car was built back then. I have seen many Mustangs from back then modified as such, including a Black 71 429 Mach 1, 69 shelby GT-500, and other valuable cars in the 70's heavilly modified for the show circuit.

    BUT!!!! :jaw: :doh: :puke: :eek:
  3. That is jsut such an ugly F*$&*&G car! That poor poor Boss, I'm with Chepie on losing lunch... and I haven't even had it yet. :(

    The Swede
  4. Lol, I'm afraid to look....
  5. But it's not like he modified a "real" Shelby or anything right?

    I'm just kidding Hop! :p
  6. I hit a few car shows "back when"....I guess I was fortunate enough to never see something so fugly done to a rare musclecar. :nonono: :nonono: :nonono: :nonono:
  7. That makes me wanna cry! :(
  8. I personally like workmanship that went into the genuine fake vinyl top. You can see the wrinkles from across the street. Also, all Boss 302's were 4-speed cars, which means the linkage, trans, etc is long gone. Probably went with the motor. Most likely found it's way into a super wicked, '70's van with a mirrored ceiling and a waterbed.
  9. LMAO.

    That sucks.
  10. All bosses were 4 speeds? that's news to me. I thought they came with auto's too.

  11. Didn't they have that Hurst shifter handle?
  12. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:
    Yea that extra padding in the in the roof is what was left over.

    DH, Every Boss that I have seen was 4sp.
    Oz, Stock with Hurst Shifter.

  13. Tacky redefined.

    Hopefully, it has an 8-track, too. Just imagine the quality assembly job under all that beautiful shag and vinyl. The etched glass must really get the ladies!
  14. Well that Mustang is rather disgusting.
  15. if you look closely in one of the interior pics, you can still see the clutch pedal, not to mention that it has the small brake pedal with the disc brake emblem on it. Truly a sad situation.....
  16. I think the reason for manual trans only on the Boss 302's was a direct result of their poor low end grunt due to huge ports, but yes they were all 4 speeds.

  17. ALL Bosses were 4-speed-only, Boss 302's, Boss 429's and Boss 351's. I don't believe it had anything to do with low-end torque, the Boss 429 had enough low torque to tug a train. I think it had more to do Ford wanting the "Boss" packages to be seen as no-compromise pure performance packages. And the Boss 302 had a road racing heritage. It's exactly the same deal how SVT has never produced Cobras with laz-o-matics, they want the car to fit a certain image and profile, and to appeal to "enthusiast drivers".
  18. The '69s had the oversized ports and almost no low end torque. Ford "fixed" the ports on the '70s, maybe that year had an automatic available?
  19. Well i have to say, to me IMO it dosent look to bad in that first pic, however the more detailing pics show how bad he messed that car up, what a shame.....