Look what this stupid ass did to a Boss 302...

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  1. OK, you started and win the "peeing contest" ( you WERE the one who started with telling everybody what a torque monster your Boss was) Just don't get defensive when someone who doesn't own a "boss" Stang challenges your Boss's manhood. Sure the Boss 9's COULD have been great cars, but the fact remains that they were vastly overrated in stock trim. :hail2: :hail2:
  2. :cheers: No problem, I'll jump off the stump. But you're getting me wrong, any inference that I've got some sort of superiority complex or insecurity going on because I've got a Boss is purely your assumption. I didn't chime in just to puff my own chest and show off my car, I did it to defend the honor of the nameplate, period. How much I paid for mine, and you paid for yours, means squat to me. Quite honestly, I scooped up my Boss in 1997 when the market had sagged to a real low-point on those cars. I got a top-notch car for less than most people pay for their family's minivan. Priorities and good timing got me my car, I'm not rattling a Rolex as I type. The only reason I spoke up so firmly, is because I knew the subject. In fact, I drove my stepdaughter to school, and drove to work in the Boss this Morning.
  3. :nice: Just be careful in the Boss when pulling up to next to other "nose heavy" Stangs and Rangers LOL. :D :D
  4. You would have liked my buddy's '84 Toyota pickup with an aluminum-headed motorsport 5.0 crate motor, backed by a T5 5-speed, aluminum driveshaft and 8.8 3.55 geared Mustang rear end, custom-fabbed coil-over front suspension such that the 5.0 could sit low enough that the stock flat hood remained in place, front and rear sway bars, dual RH exit exhaust (a-la Lightning), and late-model Probe GT wheels. It looked like a stock little white Toyota, with nothing giving it away other than the 225/55-16 rubber on cast wheels. But, one night while passing a dump truck in 3rd gear, the rear end got a little loose, and it went into the ditch. Scared him such that he pulled the motor and trans for a future drag car project, and sold the truck with a stock 302 and auto to somebody. Little bitty trucks with V-8's in them pose plenty of handling issues!
  5. Everybody thinks of the Rangers as being "small" for a V-8 , but in reality, they're not. Mine weighs 3800lbs( ext cab) with me in it, and the wheel base is almost as long as my 95 E150 van. A reg cab short bed would have been much lighter but I bought this truck new in 89 and used the $3000 I sold my 427 Stang for, as the down payment. I wore the V6 out and pulled it for the 302. Mine looks pretty much the way i bought it, except for the narrowed Explorer 8.8 with 10X15 aluminum slots wearing 275/60/15's peeking out from under it. And the Chevy 68-Z28-302 fender emblems on the front fenders :D ( those are another story)
  6. I've got a 96 S10 sittin for sale in my driveway, and if it don't sell soon, it's gonna get a new heart ( but a blue on , not Chevy orange) :lol:
  7. Yep, we can loosen the noose on this guy. It was compromised a long time ago, so he's not the heretic I first thought. Heh. :shrug:
  8. :nonono: This Thread like the car should, R.I.P. :lock:

  9. It's on a 10 day auction, and nobody has bidded on it yet,

  10. I like it. To each his own, Hey, I have a Boss 302 engine in the basement!
  11. Are you serious? I hope not. But if you are serious, then you are a braver man than i, and i salute you :flag: