Looking At Picking This Up...

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  1. If you have a look in the welcome wagon I posted there as well, but I figured I should also do a year fourm area as well. So this is it:
    year: 1967
    plant: metuchen, nj
    body: 2dr hard top
    engine: 289 2v v8
    unit: 155934
    body: standard interior
    color: lime gold metalic
    trim: lt. ivy gold crinkle vinyl and gold crinkle vinyl standard interior
    D.S.O: richmond
    axle: 3.00:1 conventional
    trans: c-4 automatic

    thats the best I can do with out getting a marti report. I look forward to learning more and maybe picking this up!!

    Other things about it: has single exhaust outlet, and appears to have 68 wheels and hub caps
    its also seen the love of salt so it needs alot of work. Though from reading it seems to be a rare car combo...?
  2. not a rare car at all. should be a nice project though.
  3. Humm may pass then. Not too sure if its worth the time and effort to restore it. Its pretty rusty. If it was rare I'd be more inclined to do it. I thought (which is why I posted to better understand) that the "C" code with a 2 barrel and single exhaust was something not seen too much. I realize its not a high powered one. For me if I were to get it would be to put it back to factory orignal specs. If its worth it to. Meaning the rareness of it. Im also more than aware that by definition of worth it I mean for the appeal of it, not resale. I mean for godsakes its green this and green that in there haha.