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  1. If everything comes together soon I am going to buy a replacement for my 99 Ranger. I've tossed the idea around about getting an F150, but I want something more fun to drive, and don't really need the bed too much.

    Anyway I am open to 99-04's, but really interested in the 05+. My concern is the 3V engine. I know some of the 3V 5.4L truck engines have issues with the plugs breaking off in the head and also the cam phasers going bad. My neighbor has the phaser issue with his truck. It sounds pretty nasty but still runs ok.

    I am just wondering if these are issues that are present in the mustangs as well, and if so did they ever fix it by a certain year?

    Sorry for the questions but the only mustang I've ever had was an 89 LX 5.0L (mostly not roadworthy project).


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  2. I just had that problem happen to my Expedition and after looking into it, it looks like Ford won't even acknowledge it to begin with so who knows if they fixed it. All I can say is, stay away from 5.4s! Btw, the problem isn't the plug BREAKING off in the head, it's shooting out of the head.

    But then again, it looks like it happens on the 4.6s too

  3. that 5.4 liter was junk from the start. terrible gas mileage and a dog. my buddy just replaced his truck with a newer one with the 6.2 liter and it is awesome. drove 280 miles one way on 15 gallons on a fishing trip last week. the 5.4 would have had an empty tank when we got there. the 6.2 still had a half a tank. this was in an f250 and it has da ballz.
  4. At work I have an e350 with the 2 valve 5.4. It has shot 3 plugs out. We bought a timesert kit and I fixed them pretty easy.

    That is a common 2 valve issue, but supposedly with the 3 valve the plugs break in half and leave a piece stuck in the head.

    I'm a Ford guy, but its pretty bad that they can't get something as simple as a spark plug figured out.

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  5. Ok, I did some digging on google and found that some cars do have the issue with the plugs breaking, but that Ford fixed it for some 08's. I didn't find anything about cam phasers.

    I guess what I'm really getting at is if I find a nice clean 05-07 for a good deal should I pick it up? I know all vehicles have issues, but I always tend to worry too much.


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