looking at wheels 2 questions

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  1. well i love chrome and i want a 18" pretty sure but what is hypercoating? it looks like chrome..?

    next does anyone know the formula or a site that has the tire profile calculator im trying to figure how much wheels will cost and what profiles to get so it dont look retarded
  2. what do you mean by profile calculater, like something that gives overall tire diameters or something?
  3. yeah i was serching and found one...i was a 18x9 and 18x10 combo and wanted to find the best combo of wheel sizes to look good ..
  4. Go to www.tirerack.com, you can get the exact dimensions on every tire they sell.
  5. cool i like the chart you listed the one i used i had to guess tire sizes and that is all broke down.....

    ok heres what i have found
    245/35/18 =24.75
    285/30/18= 24.73

    i like that set up i think they will be low profile and still have wide rears

    how would the 285 fit on a 9" wheel if i go 18x9's on all four and how would it fit on a 10" if i get DD???
  6. 285's on a 9" rim in the rear should be fine. I'm running 275's right now and will be getting Goodyear GS-D3 285/35R18 before the srping time