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  1. Considering my mods below, can I get 300rwhp or close to it by means of add-ons like tune/custom chip and/or pulleys or what? I'm not adding an SC or nitrous to this car and I'm not going to do a head or cam change since I'm broke and the crate is almost new, etc... I dyno'd at 260rwhp and 297 torque and quite frankly I'm somewhat disappointed with this 340 crate motor from Ford. I had 24lb injectors and a 76 mm C&L maf but went bact to stock cause the car ran like Sh**... So, if there is hope, please let me know or should I be happy with what I have?

    ***Even 280 rwhp with over 300lb/torque would make me happier! At least the numbers would be closer to what FMS advertises..."

  2. You might try a new meter or even getting a PRO M Optimizer to "fine tune " the maf.Try lowering the fuel pressure. Also try experimenting with the timing, it might make more power at 14 but will probably make more torque at 8. Gap the plugs down a bit to .040 and only use the octane nessesary to keep ping away. Too much octane kills power.
  3. Tks Jay- Running 14 degrees now and no ping at all. I'll experiment with the maf/plugs etc. I'm assuming my question is do-able based on your response?

  4. I would recommend you go back to the 24's and the 76mm MAF. You need the MAF for more flow, and you need the 24's for more fuel with your new-found air supply. Was the MAF calibrated for 24's?

    I have heard about problems when changing the MAF. A chip should cure the problem. But you need someone else to post about that. I think I have read posts saying a custom chip curing their problems in this area.

    You should also look into a bigger fuel pump. You need it.

    I am looking for a post that someone did concerning the injector/fuel pump ratings (hp/tq wise). I will post back as soon as I find it.
  5. Here is a link to rockin_rick's dissertation on injectors. BTW, 24lb injectors might not be enough. 19's are NOT ENOUGH!!! You are shortening their life by running them with the new combo.


    The 19's are only good to 219 RWHP. You are running your injectors over MAX duty cycle now.

  6. Mo-

    Thanks- I'm learning a lot here! The 24's and the 76maf was choking me with gas, (rich) fumes. Another told me that I may be washing the cylinders with all that fuel. Haven't heard the suggestion ref bigger pump but did hear that a fuel regulator may be needed when I had that combo. Didn't realize I was working the 19's to death and that only so much hp can come from them.... Keep it coming guys! I appreciate the advice!

  7. if you were running that rich with the 76 and the 24's then something had to be up with the fuel pressure...id get an adjustable fp regulator, and i didnt see underdrives mentioned on your mods list so you could look into them....and im sure a larger than stock MAF would make some power....and you could prolly pick up a couple ponies from a 65mm TB...but there are guys running like 10's on the stock TB so that may not be worth it....

  8. the 19's are only good to 219rwhp????, that cant be true b/c there are a lot of people making more power thant that
  9. Sometimes the dyno doesnt tell the whole story. Have you ever run that car at the track? What kind of dyno was it also, some types tend to give lower numbers.

    I have the gt40 crate motor as well, but with the B cam. I managed 109.99 MPH in the 1/4 with it, and using online calcs, they usually say 335+ flywheel HP, which would seem pretty reasonable, of course these arent an exact science.

    I also was using the stock maf/24# injectors, and it was untuned for the most part, just the basic things though tweecer like the shift retard, fans, egr etc.. The car ran mega rich, and when i took the heads off this winter the pistons had tons of carbon build up.

    I would not be happy with what you have.. There must be something up, cause ur way down on power. I would deff do the pulleys, they are always good for some HP. But you must be running mega mega rich or something, i would consider a dyno tune.
  10. Ive never gone to a Dyno shop but I had allways assumed that they use a "sniffer" in the tail pipe and can tell you your A/F ratio thru your entire RPM range. And also adjust your timing accordingly, And wouldnt this be the best time to get a chip burnt so that all the necessary changes for the best performance would be saved? :shrug:
  11. Yellow95,
    I'm definitely not happy with the #'s I got a couple of weeks ago on the dyno and perhaps I'm putting to much trust in those dyno results. I haven't been to the track yet, but sometime in the Spring I'm heading that way. I definitely need a good dyno tune. I'm still running rich but nothing like before with the 24's/76..Sounds like I need to look back into the maf/injector situation-Tks!
  12. Dave- A chip might be in the near future too! I'm told the Jet chip I have is a piece of S*** but my ride seems to run better than without it!