Looking for 4.6L Mustang vs C6 Z06 Video

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  1. Looking for 4.6L Mustang vs C6 Z06 Video where the Mustang rapes all over the Z06.. anyone have one or know where i can find one??

  2. Hmmm........I'm thinking that may be a slightly rare video :scratch:
  3. sorry but i don't think that the planets have aligned quite rite for that to happen yet:(
  4. pass whatever your smokin
  5. So... you guys are telling me that even a fully modded Mustang has no chance to a Z06??????
  6. Sounds like you are trying to find proof to back up your mouth
  7. I bet I could give one a run for it's money :D
  8. ^ Against a good driver, he would know your there. They put out the same HP as you and weigh about 300-400#s less. Most seem to trap 125-127 with good drivers.
  9. I wouldnt be so sure. I've seen vids of stock C6 z06s beating Ford GTs, Vipers, and KB'ed Cobras.
  10. Darn vettes :mad: . Ill push my stock bottom end to the limit (480-500+) and go hunt one down...teach it a lesson and catch it on video. :) I hope to run into one on the way back from my dyno tune :D
  11. Ya me too but I think the best I could hope for would still end up being a close race:(
  12. i ran right after a 200-2003 whatever year they were. he ran a 12.61 to my 12.63 i'd love to line up beside one!
  13. I shall have that video ... well one day lol. I have a Z06 lined up that has a suck arse driver. I will whoop him.

    he has major mods and cant get out of the 122 trap range. Head/camed...it's funny. but to him the car is still king lol.
  14. ^Thats about right for a head/cam LS6 vette. Dependant on how radicle. They usually make 450-500RWHP with those mods it seems. So that may be a hair low, but not THAT bad.

    Friend of mines vette with a cam (400RWHP) goes 12.2 @ 118.
  15. Don't forget when he sits in the Vette it weighs as much as the Stang. And yes Spike PLEASE beat the crap out of him. :D
  16. Are ya gonna have Timmayy tune it?

  17. Vince called... tune is half done... ass whoopin on the horizen :D
  18. ^ WOW!!! How is that possable???? I would think that the cobra would have got him! Geeze, those vettes are too fast LOL.
  19. Z06 Vettes are very fast underrated cars. I know :( . Don't take them lightly. They may be for dink touching old queers but they're still fast :D .