Looking for 4.6L Mustang vs C6 Z06 Video

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  1. Not necessarily......the Cobra just needs a little more help in the suspension, drive train and traction department. The guy that sold me my blower made a little over 550rwhp with his Whipple blown 3,900lb, 4R70W equipped, fully loaded, full weight T-Bird and ran [email protected]

    He’s since dropped the pulley size a little and has run a best of [email protected]

    ....That was in a boat of a T-Bird, not a Cobra. Getting the power to the ground seems to be the Cobra’s problem, not making enough of it.

  2. on the latest issue of MM&FF they have a bushing upgrade from MM for the entire IRS suspension for the Cobra and you have to drop it to do the install or so it appears

  3. Going from a stop with 500RWHP isnt going to show which car is faster...its going to show which car hooks better....and who cares about that? Racing from a stop just gives a slower car a better chance of winning....not showing a true power advantage one way or another. 60 roll is the best way to find out which car is really faster.
  4. Do a search in SVTP.com. A couple vids were posted there.
  5. Maybe in rice world, but for everyone else, a dead stop drag race has always been the measure of a cars power and drivers skill. It's already known that the Cobra was making more power than the Z06....but with the weight disadvantage and differences in gear spacing between the two, going from a highway roll falls under the Vette's favor.

    Eaton blowers mellow out up top...ported or not. Discharge temps climb, adiabatic efficiency is compromised and the last half of the power band is no where near as good as the first half.....that's just the nature of the beast. Not to mention that going from a stop is going to let the additional torque that the Cobra makes work to its advantage and why the Cobra's quarter mile performance is so much better than its top speed run.

    You say racing from a stop gives a slower car a better chance of winning? I say :bs: to that! Is that why all import drivers want to run from a roll when running against V8 cars?.....because these 4-banger imports have such a huge torque advantage that overwhelming wheel spin is such a big problem? The Vette owner in this video was the smart one for wanting to run from a high speed roll where the Cobra would be at the disadvantage and that’s how it played out! The only thing this video proved to me, was that the Z06 was a faster car from a 60mph roll.

  6. I normally agree with you, but here I think you need to search cause youll find it.
  7. I disagree... it may have been a little closer, but I'm thinking the weight advantage the ZO6 compared to that lead sled Cobra plus the more advanced suspension and traction control offered in the Vette would still have it coming out on top, even from a dig.

  8. a few weeks ago i seen a C6 Z06 at the track with a crappy driver it hit a 13.0 bone stock then he backed it up with a 12.XX pass
  9. There are good drivers putting bone stock C6's in the 11's too....

  10. Hey Rick, is hammer heads Z06 a C6?.. i know crap about vettes lol.
  11. LIES!

    I managed to beat a C6 Z06:rlaugh: You just need to find a C6 Z06 with a bad driver in it:p

    Well I beat him by only one inch:lol: I must say, the driver was crap, [email protected] all night:notnice:

  12. Thats my plan lol... crap driver, but he does manage 11.8's:rlaugh:

    heads/cam.. line lock and still cant get anything out of it.:rolleyes:
  13. You don't think a Cobra making 516rwhp and 506rwtq is capable of running low/mid-11's? I'm not sure what you've seen the new Vette's run, but as far as I know, they're not running any better than low-12's/high-11's.....which if you do the math, is a pretty significant difference. :shrug: A lighter, more aerodynamic car like the Z06, with admittedly better gear spacing and more stable road manners may take the race on the top end, but lets face it....that's what the car was designed to do. Cobras have never been top end cars. Fords use of an Positive Displacement Supercharger that falls prey to high ACT's at increased blower speeds has ensured this, but this same set up has also assured them brute, stump pulling bottom end torque that favors them in the 1320......tacking another 150rwhp/tq to an already competent package is only going to compound this.....and countless low 11-second track times from the owners with these same modifications show it.

    I’ll give respect where respect is due. The new Z06 (or any year Z06 for that matter) is an awesomely balanced all around car, but unbeatable it is not. John, of all people I’m surprised a Cobra owner like yourself is so easily convinced of the contrary. Yes when you compare the two cars at all points, the Z06 is the superior car….and for 2-3 times the price it should be. But you don’t need to break the bank to bring the power advantage back into the Cobra’s favor. If you’d just break down and do the pulley swap like we all know you want to ( :D ), have your blower ported and your ECU tuned….you too could be part of the low 11-second club and making Vette killing videos of your own……just don’t run em from a roll. ;)

    As far as the more advanced suspension is concerned.....In an auto-X situation, I would totally agree. And it is true that Cobra's stock IRS set up sucks for drag racing when you're comparing it to a solid axle drive train like in the GT, but the Vette's IRS set up isn't gods gift to drag racing in a strait line either. Although I can't comment on the new C6 set up, I've seen C5's wheel hop just as badly at the track as any Cobra I've ever seen.

    Of all of the videos pairing off the Z06 vs. Ford GT I've ever seen, the GT has always won by a fairly significant margin when both were in factory trim, or the Vette has won because it was modified. The GT has never given the Vette an all out slaughter either, but I’ve not yet seen a stock for stock comparison between the two where the Vette has even once come out on top. If someone wants to prove me wrong, feel free to link us to the video and I'll humbly retract my statement. Otherwise.....I’ll retain my original statement and continue patiently waiting while you guys keep digging for one. :)

  14. ill go along with that...IF the cobra can get traction.prolly wheelhopp the rear bumper off tryin to keep up. som drag radials or slicks, yeh tottally different race
  15. Well, here's a video that I found archived, i've had it a while, and I dont remember the description very well, but, basically, they start around 100mph, the cobra pulls pretty good, then the z06 pulls almost even, then when shifting to 5th the cobra pulls away. So, yes, a 4.6 stang 'can' beat a z06, they're not unbeatalbe, but they are very damn fast, and a 2V GT would have to be greatly modded to be able to run with a z, however, I would'nt say it cant be done, anything can be done.

    Anyways here's the video:

    Also, here's a pic of me with my friends 04 Cobra, 607rwhp, I dont beleive he's raced any Z06's, but, another of our friends has a very sick ram air firebird, and, well my friend, the one with the cobra, well, alot of his motivation to get his car fast is because of the firebird, it's very fast, lotta money invested. This car i'm sure will eat a Z06. He's not even a very good driver, and he was running high 11's with the car, all day long, actually kind of ridiculous, he made like 15 passes the one day heh, no doubt freakin' quick, would easily take out the vette, however, considering what he's invested, he's probably paid near what a Z06 owner would. He didnt just work the motor, he did his homework.
    Sry for long post, here's a pic of the car, bad view but, man sick car, my car feels so slow compared to it.

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  16. Different races, different drivers = different outcome. Ive seen two vids, and the z06 in both vids pulled, barely.

    I wont dig it up because a.) I have nothig to prove b.) I simply dont feel like it. They were both posted in SVTP.com.

    Take my word, I don't make stuff up.

  17. Thats FWD to RWD...there is a distinct advantage to the RWD....this is RWD vs RWD. Ill stand by my statement that stop racing gives a slower car a better chance, and thats the only reason people like to go from a stop....because they know they dont have the power to take the car on the highway.

    IMO you should do both...if you will ONLY do one or the other, that just shows that you scared.

    Let me give you an example here of why its best not to go from a stop with high HP cars.

    Ok friend of mine at work has a 400RWHP C5 vette (2000)..I have a 292RWHP GT. Well we raced from a stop a few months ago after work, and I just drove away from him. Even ran from a slow roll and I won haha. WHY you might ask? Because he had crazy wheel spin.
    Now which car is FASTER here? If we were standing around and some guy in a viper pulls up and asks "who has the fastest car?" ...would it be right for me to say "mine"?
    HECK NO...his car is faster. Just because you outdrive someone, that DOESNT make your car faster. From a upperend run really tells the tell of which car ill pull the other. And hey if the cobra guy makes excuses "my gearing isnt as good....my eaton doesnt pull good up top....I think my EEC has a virus" Thats just tough IMO . Run what your brung....stop shows driver, roll shows powa. :nice: If you agree to either, dont make excuses, just deal with life :D (remember, this is on the street...lowend torque of the eaton isnt much good as both cars have plety of power to spin their tires from low speeds....its all about driver control)
  18. You sure that's a C6 in that video and not a C5? Sure didn't sound like the new C6....

    ...and Gearbanger.... I'm sure there are plenty of 500+ RWHP 03/04 Cobra's out there that can take a stock C6 ZO6 in the 1320, but the ones than can do it with the stock T56 and IRS are far and few between...

    I'm just really impressed with what Chevy has done with this latest 'Vette. For 86K it's pretty freakin' unbelievable and once you make just a couple of minor mods it's a fricking monster. I'm just giving props where props are due is all.


    P.S. I still have a year's worth of warranty left. :p

  19. Dude, there's plenty more stangs with at least 600 hp, if you look around hard enough, theres somebody there thats dumped all they've got into a stang just to be driven like a raped ape and be recognized. But about the corvette thing, there made to go fast and weight alot less than most cars in its class., vettes just waste stangs, and most of us realize it, but then theres always a few that blow past the vettes...if you get what im saying??:shrug:
  20. The C6 Zo6 is AMAZING. I'm still finding it hard to believe that GM actually built a car like that.

    When I get my 347 turbo complete, I will be eating them all day.