Looking for 4.6L Mustang vs C6 Z06 Video

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  1. like is said before the Ford GT stock has run 11.2's at over 133mph... show me a ZO6 stock running LOW 11's @ over 130mph.... please id love to see it...
  2. Maybe not A Z06 but a stock C6 Z06 would waste a stock GT, if it can't waste a GT I wan't proof
  3. It also has to do with the driver and if you grip when you first accelerate
  4. We're talking Ford GT....not Mustang GT. And no....a C6 Z06 will not waste a Ford GT. You want proof, check out every head to head comparison ever done between the two.

  5. ya might wanna go look around.. stock for stock the GT eats the Z06 for lunch. but for 70,000 more I would expect no less.
  6. That was a C5 Z06 in that vid.
  7. Yup, I’d have to agree, from a roll at those speeds its pretty even between the two, but if going from a dig or running both cars out to top end....it gets pretty ugly for the Corvette. That's where the GT's underrated, positive displacement blown 550hp/500lbs ft/tq does the talking. You Z06 lovers have got to keep in mind that the GT is a car geared to run at top end. Yes it’s got ungodly bottom end power too, but that’s thanks in full to the added grunt provided by the 2.3L Twin Screw under its bonnet. As it sits, the GT has a 16mph top speed advantage over the Z06 and at over 200mph…..that’s a f***ing HUGE difference. :nice:
  8. What's the C6 Z06 top speed? supposedly testing showed that the Ford GT went even faster then the claimed 205 mph and got it up to 212 mph but discoverd lift at 205 so I guess that's where it is limited to.


    "Two hundred and five mph is the top speed that the car is certified and electronically limited to," said McGowan. "In testing, we actually got a car up to 212 mph, which is redline in fifth gear. Sixth gear is too tall, so you run top speed in fifth. It got to 211.89 mph, and we were bouncing off the rev limiter in fifth gear and it was still accelerating. The whole objective is to make sure the car is extremely stable, and at 200 mph, it is actually a very comfortable car to drive. Obviously never do 200 mph on a public road. You ever see those signs that say professional driver closed track? I'm that guy."
  9. I've seen tests where the GT has run as fast as 214mph. If I remember correctly when they tested it on "Top Gear" they talked about taking it up to that speed once as well. You're right though, it was originally meant to run 205mph.....same as it's original GT40 predecessor. But I guess with that much more power on tap they beat the projected margins by a fair amount.

    The Z06 everywhere it's been tested and in every comparison I've read seems to run 198mph. If someone knows of any that have run faster in stock trim, please post a link but as far as I know, that’s been the limit thus far. No faster, no slower....always 198mph? :shrug:
  10. I agree 100%

    It's funny how some here claim that racing from a roll is not true racing. To me, that's no different than ricers claiming the only "real" racing is in the twisties. Most prefer to run to their car's strengths. And bolt-on NA 2V GTs is stronger from a dig. I know many wont run from a roll because they're afraid they'll get beaten by a Stage 1 SRT4.

  11. when John force takes the tree at a 60 punch... I'll start roll racing.. until then "DRAG RACING" is from a standing start. Now thats not to say I havent ever done it.. I just dont see it as proof of anything.
  12. You obviously didnt read all the posts on this page.
  13. Agreed 100%!!!

    No offence intended Lazer, but perhaps it is you that hasn’t read all of the posts on the page!?! :shrug:

    Going from a dig has always been the staple of both a cars performance and driver skill. Roll racing was brought about over the last few years by a bunch of kids driving 4-cylinder cars or moms grocery getter that couldn't make it to 60mph before the next light and has only bled over into the high performance crowd because it seems to be the “trendy” thing to do. Not to mention the fact that no skill is involved, so anyone can do it. Roll racing ensures that everybody can be a rock star, not just the guys with legitimate performance cars, who’ve grown to respect their power and know exactly how and when to ring out their potential. I mean…why would these guys drag race from a stop? Where's the fun in racing if nobody can tell you're doing it right? Going from a high speed roll ensures that these guys reached near triple digit speeds (and beyond for the higher horsepower rides) like the big boys in the V8 crowd with a little torque and horsepower do, before having to shut it down. On top of that, it seems that going from a roll also shows no clear winner. These guys go until one of them decides to shut down...whether it be ¼ of a mile…. ½ a mile, or whenever one of these retards starts losing their nerve because of the speeds that some of these guys travel. :scratch:

    Last I checked a race required a finish line? Going from a roll requires nothing....and on top of that proves nothing. It doesn’t prove a vehicles performance potential, it doesn’t prove drivers skill and it doesn’t prove which car or driver is king of the hill! And on top of that, it’s even more dangerous than a legitimate drag race.

    Hasn’t anyone noticed the amount of street racing deaths has escalated exponentially over the last few years? It’s kinda funny….guys with faster cars than your latest crop of 1-4’s have been drag racing from light to light since the 60’s, yet it hadn’t become an all out epidemic until the last 5-10-years….right around the time that this “roll racing” fad hit the streets and became popular with the teenagers. The even funnier thing is, that 90% of the wrecks you hear about are low performance cars like Honda Civics, Neon’s, Sunfires and the like that haven’t got the suspension or brakes to handle these high speeds, or halt their little econo-boxes down from 100+mph like the real “sports cars” do. Coincidence….I think not!!!

    I’m just waiting for the new “drifting” fad to start taking a few lives. That’ll be a whole new line of trouble for car enthusiasts. :nonono:
  14. i'm just gonna ad my 2 cents and maybe this had been said, but the point of roll racing i think, is to see which car is truly faster, not which driver has more skill. It might be stupid but it helps prove what car is faster if that is the question at hand.
  15. A funny car will beat a Space Shuttle in a drag race. Does that make it faster? I think not.

    All I see are opinions here.


    And doesn't NASCAR start from a roll? :shrug: Pardon me if I'm incorrect but I really don't follow stuff like that.

    Bottom line: some ppl think racing from a roll doesn't prove anything and I disagree, and will leave it at that.
  16. Ever try to drag race 50 cars lined up one in front of the other and side by side all at the same time? When was the last time you saw horse racing go from a roll?

    Funny Car vs. Space shuttle....NASCAR!?!?!? Laser, I usually have nothing but respect for your opinion, but these points you're making just get weaker and weaker dude. The only thing roll racing proves is that it takes no skill in order to do it. :nonono: