Looking For 5.0 Notchback Mustang. 87-93

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  1. I'm located in Denver Colorado. I've been looking for a Notchback Mustang. Must be a v8 5.0 manual. Mods are always good, but a stock engine works fine too. It has to have a clean title, good over all condition with no rust. Interior should be at least a 7/10 and paint 8/10. No green, brown, or any ugly neon colors, most colors are fine. I'm okay with out of state cars, I'd handle shipping. If you are in Colorado that's be awesome! We'll talk price when we get to that point. Thanka everyone!
  2. dude, thee's gotta be some wrecked mustangs you can pick up cheap after the recent hailstorm ****ola
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  3. so a wtb thread in talk section is ok now?

    wtb cheap wife. big boobs and low standards a must. pm with pics and we will talk price.
  4. I have said wife. Currently not posted for sale but money talks. The standards thing may be a deal kill unless you are willing to top her off with alcohol daily. send pictures of cash and pictures of said wife can be forwarded. Serious inquiries only. fyi she comes with debt
  5. Threads like this are funny. This is so hard to find...at least on this side of the country. Bust out your bank account if you find that.
  6. [​IMG]

    pics of said woman. price will be determined by quality
  7. Reserve not met (debt not covered)
  8. Consider renting. Leaving it home in front of Home Shopping Network is working backwards.
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