Looking for 94-98 cowl hood pics!

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  1. hey guys im buying my dads 98 cobra vert and im gonna end up putting a cowl hood on it soon but id like some pictures of the cowl hoods that you guys use and recommend first. i dont want anything above 3.5", just looking for something that sits up a little higher than stock. i like the cobra r 2000 hood with the vents in the back but cant find many pictures. also the kaenen 3" cowl hood from americanmuscle (not the cobra r style, just regular single layer cowl) but i cant find a single picture of it on a car! any pics appreciated along with where to buy. thanks guys
  2. Search for pughman on here. He had a good one.
  3. If you fancy the tacky:


  4. never really been into the carbon fiber but that does look pretty sweet. awesome lookin car
  5. just an average 2.5in cobra R hood, IMO the best and only hood for a 94-98


  6. wow that does look good. not too tall at all. where did you get that?
  7. ABC exclusive they list it as 2", but its a little taller, i did no prep work, just sanded it and painted it:nice:
  8. Badass looking car. :nice:
  9. hey remember me....lol :D did you end up buying your dad's ride? if so congrats. post some pics dude! :nice: your buddies have been giving me quite the text storm the last week or so. are you bringing the car out to lidio day? oh and that cowl hood on the black SN95 above is the one i would get. that thing looks killer and will set off your cobra nice
  10. lol hey whats up man, yea im gettin the cash out tomorow for it. The bearings on the blower started goin and u could hear them makin some noise so we pullled it off and its on its way to vortech in cali for new bearings and seals. Il get pics and info up soon, my computer is bein dumb but il keep tryin. As far as ubly this weekend, yea il be there but obviously not with the cobra :( worst time for the blower to take a dump too but oh well hes payin for it as long as its only a couple hundred bucks (vortech said 369 or somethin) but hopefully shel be ready to roll pretty soon
  11. edited the signature and put some pics up from the original add in the "garage" section. pics are from where my dad bought the car. il put some of my own up if my computer lets me