SN95 Looking For A 351w?

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  1. I saw on ebay I can get a used 351 for a about 500 $. If I wanted to drop it into my 94gt what should I look for? Shoyld I look for one out of a truck? I would have it rebuilt and throw a sc on it. Would this be better then a 347?
  2. I got a 351w block thats been cleaned up a little just the block
  3. If you go 351 there is no reason not to punch it out to 408 or better. A 351 without work won't make more power than a 347 and you still have to source all the swap parts.
  4. How much more power would it make than the 302 he's wanting to replace, The 351 that is? Wouldn't he still wanna do some kind of topend work because if not itd be bout like the 302 only heavier?
  5. Stroked with the proper supporting mods4-500hp is extremely doable.
  6. Yea, he'd need the better top end stuff. It's just the fact that the block can handle mucho more powaaaa!
  7. Was this just a block, short block, or long block? I am kind of interested in getting one but might just go with 390 because I can find those more.
  8. I would rather stay away from stroking it and rely on sc or turbo for the power and a decent top end.
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  9. And no that eas for the whole engine straight out of an 94 95 96 f250s there all over. I
  10. Dang I can't find one to save my life. I can find whole 390's for like $300-$700.
  11. He'd rather blow it than stroke it.. Why not just blow your current 302? At least then you'd know what you have. Safer than rollin' the dice on an eBay buy
  12. Lets do sum rough figuring here Ry guy: Ok so say a guy is on a budget and is looking to make power the cheapest way he can. Ok so you ones thinking hm look a 351 for $500 not bad. Those motors(95 f250) made 240 hp @4200 and 380 ft lbs @ 3200. Not bad I guess but prob more suited to pulling a trailor. Since you're wanting to add a topend and a sc add 6k to that 500. If the 351 needs a rebuild then you're really in deep. Why not take that 6 grand and put it on your 302. You'll be somewhere around 400 hp id guess which is within your block limits. I think the 351 would just be more trouble than what it's worth if ones trying to build on a budget. One final thought and I think they should make this part a sticky: Build on a budget- there's no such thing. If ya wanna go fast it takes dispensable income.
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  13. ^^^agree in that it takes $$ to make power but the 351 is way better than a 302 build. If you're going to mostly run it on the street build a 408 and be done with it. No need for forced induction unless you either just want it or plan on making 650+hp. A properly built 408 with a good topend will make over 500hp. 351 stock truck setup is a "truck setup". You need to change at the minimum..the cam and topend. It doesn't really cost much different for 351stroker vs 302stroker but you will make at least 50-125 more hp/tq
  14. Just keep in mind that it takes a lot more money than you would think to get a 351 into a Mustang. There are a lot of nickel and dime parts that add up. I would rather have a 4 bolt 302 block than a stock 351 block, and the cost is about the same.

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  15. I agree motor swap will definitely go over budget real quick. Not that any of us know your budget... I'm just going to say that I bought a "bolt-on" blower for $2000. That sucker has been nickel and diming me since Christmas. I think I'm at around $4500 for all of it, mind you I only like top quality parts and I'm still not done. :bang:
    As for would a 351 be better than a 347. A 351 "potentially" could be "better". In stock form. No.
  16. The trickflow topend kit on your current bottom end is prob the best "budget" build you can get. No you won't have 400 horseies but if you don't have 10g's laying around to throw at your toy that's bout best u can do
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  17. Totally agree about the nickel and dime statement. But you did change the argument from a "stock" block 302 to a 4 bolt block. That changes things. For example ford Strokers has a 347 and a 408 damn near turn key setups for almost the exact same price. If it costs say 10% more for the 408 which would you take. The 408 is going to make more power across the rpm range. If the OP just wants a basic 300-400hp cruiser then sure build the basic H/C/I 302 base motor and be done with it. Just my .02 cents
  18. Is it really only 10% more cost?
  19. I have to look into just rebuilding my current 302. For what I want its smarter to just go with what I have. Ill run a compression test on my block and if its still strong maybe ill just put the top end kit on now. Would it be a bad idea to go that route if my block has 160k ob it? If my conpression is still good would it be safe?