SN95 Looking For A 351w?

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  1. if you are going to go out and buy all new :poo: the windor swap wont be cheap. but if you know what you are doing and look around you can do it cheap. if you are comparing a no expense spared dart 8.2 deck build to a cheap overbore only windsor build, you are comparing two different animals. the 8.2 will be faster, but, ive gotten 10:1 358" windsor shortblocks with ported stock heads into the high 10s naturally aspirated with a flat tappet cam. so it can be done. if you are reusing the stock windsor crank, rods and block it can be a cheap build that will hold 700hp. even if you are going to buy a cast 408 rotating assembly its still not that expensive and can take you into the low 10s on motor if done right. they are no 4 bolt block but they will live a lot longer than even an early stock 302 or mexican block.
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  2. If you always take it easy(granny shift etc) the t5 will stay together probably. But if you start getting aggressive it will break. Plenty of people have broken them with a stock engine not alone more power. Let me emphasize this..they do not like power shifting! I am running my 2nd t5 in my present car. Broke the first one at the track banging 3rd. Now this one is starting to get iffy also but I'm waiting to put in a built tko600. For your expected power level I'd recommend stepping up to an astro t5 or a regular tremec. You don't have to go over board but I'd def upgrade
  3. So in otherwords as long as "take it easy" untill I can get a new tranny ill be fine. As long as it holds out long enough for me to upgrade I would be happy. I just don't want a 6spd. I like the 5spd. Is the tko 500 or 600 a 5spd? I'm pretty sure the t56 is a 6spd right?
  4. The T5 will hold out for awhile. The great thing about them is they are cheap to fix. The TKO 500/600 would be ideal, but it's not an up front necessity.

    The T56, and the Magnum T56 are both 6 speeds. Two totally different transmissions, so don't let the name confuse you. They are nice for street applications, not so great for drag racing. They are mega mega money though. Just about anyway you cut it, it cost $4K to get a T56 in a Mustang.

  5. At what point do u guys think I can t safely ake over the build? It would have to be after a shortblock because I don't want to get too involved with internals? Just mainly a hci 306?
  6. Depends on how good you are at reading directions.

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  7. I'm pretty good plus I have the internet and you guys too. And it would be spred out over time not rushing to get it done. Ill prob wait untill I have all the parts to finish before I start. Take my time and figure it out lol. My father used to build race cars so he knows a thing or two and my buddy is in school for building hot rods and such.
  8. That's way to expensive for what it is IMO. the 347 would be cheaper and more powerful. 7 grand for a crate motor is crazy lol. Especially since I can get a coyote swap with a trans for 8500 $.
  9. the problem with a stock block 347 is that they chatter the caps at high rpm and that will eventually kill the block.
  10. That's the thing tho I don't need crazy power and will rarely be at high rpms so these problems are not really a concern for me. Im not building a race car. I want a daily driver that has the power when I want it. 350 ish hp is fine for that. In an sn95 that should make for a f un car. I want a nice clean fresh engine and the rest will fall in place. I can't wait untill I can start the body work!
  11. Not to beat a dead horse here but don't think a 302 will get you there? You talkin 350 to the tires? If so than maybe not I dunno but if you're not looking to build a race car keep it simple.
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  12. if that's all you want than do a decent head/intake/cam setup 302. 330rwhp is very doable.

  13. Even WITH my shop prices it would cost me more to build that motor than to order it. Plus, I would have no warranty if i decided to put it in a street car. You have $5000 wrapped up in the block, bare heads and rotating assembly alone. Besides for me at work, time is money. So, If I were to sell that motor to a customer I would be making all my money on the labor and tuning.
  14. Don't buy Ford crate engines. They are expensive and they brake.

  15. they also break :cool:
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  16. Yeah, that word. Coffee isn't in yet.

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  17. Just rebuild your 302 with a good topend setup and you'll be more than happy for a dd. If/when you want more power throw some forced induction at it. :)
  18. Any "performance" engine can and will break. I am not arguing that. I have sold a few different brands and build a few for my customers and the only crate I have had no problems with are the FRPP ones. As far as price goes, everything is over priced now a days and it aint getting any better. lol. Anyways, if you aren't looking for crazy power just cam it, decent heads, decent intake and exhaust and call it good.
  19. I guarantee Rick can get you a better engine at a better price. Even if quality wasn't an issue, that engine is packaged for a hot rod. It has valve covers, timing cover, water pump etc that won't fit on an SN. You are paying for all that stuff just to take it right off.