SN95 Looking For A 351w?

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  1. going to respond here without reading all the previous, sorry if it was covered, just going to state my experiences.

    I did the 351w swap into a 94 gt from a 95 lightning. I rebuilt cheap with low compression for a future turbo or charger that never happened. Kept al the heavy GT40 upper parts from the lightning, as far as I can remember all that had to be changed was the harmonic balancer, oil pan and maybe motor mounts but not sure if those were necessary. Parts and labor with the help of a buddy of mine were around $1500 if I remember correctly. It was bored over, and matched to the stock T5. It was a torque machine but it was never much faster although I never tracked it before selling it. The tranny did hold up with a pretty good amount of beating.
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  2. I just want a fresh rebuilt engine with a really good top end setup. I fine with 300+rwhp. I'm sure the trickflow 185's or higher with the track heat intake manifold a decent cam plus the regular mods like maf and tb cai headers exhaust upgraded fuel system upgraded ignition setup etc. Will put me over 300rwhp. Plus the full exhaust. All new suspension. And what not.If not I'm sure its still a fun dd.
  3. Like I said before I'm sticking with the stock block for now and pair it with a good topnend. And down the road aways when I want more power ill swap the block to a dart block stroke it and blow it! Lol