Exhaust Looking For A Bit Of Information.

Discussion in 'SN95 V6 Mustang Tech' started by Killian Korth, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone, got a bit of a question about exhaust here.

    So as you may know or may have seen in my sig, I've recently rebuilt my engine with my dad as a little project/going away activity as I have recently moved away from home for school. Everything went great and it sounds better than ever. However, she's still only a single exhaust girl.

    For some reason, don't ask me why because I have no clue, I've got a big ole chubby for side exhaust like a Roush. I've looked and looked and absolutely nowhere have I been able to find anyone who's tried this on a V6 or any professional kits for it. Meaning true dual side exhaust kits. The one I did find was a cat-back kit to bolt onto the V6 stock Y-pipe for 700 flippin dollars. Way too much to keep the Y-pipe in the mix.


    My dilemma is this: I plan to keep my factory cats if at all possible, or at least some sort of cat system in which I won't need MIL eliminators because I'd have to buy 4 at 70 bucks a pop. Not the way I want to go. If I were to buy a catted H-pipe, have an exhaust shop put it on, and include some straight through mufflers, does anyone think this sound would be....I dunno, too ricey for a mustang? Or at least does anyone think it would sound horrible and not worth the money or any meager power gain it might create.

    I wouldn't be so wary about this if there were people out there who did it, but so far I haven't seen anything haha. I may have to just be the front-runner and see how it turns out, I dunno. Any information would be appreciated, I've wanted this for a long time and I think it's time I start on it, just have to save up a little more dough. Thanks everybody! :D
  2. ford are load-balance tuned from the factory by professionals. when you start changing intakes and exhausts you never know what you might get. just because it worked out ok for one mans car does not mean it will go well for you. you might get better mpg/performance or it might go the other way. thats my opinion. also i think my all stock v6 with 250k miles sounds meaner at 3500-4500 rpm than those loud obnoxious v8s. it can make your ears bleed with windows down when you flying right next to highway barriers. hehe
  3. You do have a point, and it doesn't sound too bad as it is. I just love dual exhaust, and I haven't ever seen any type of side exhaust done on a V6, and the only V8's I've seen with it are the Roush's. I dunno, maybe I'll try it. It's only about 250 or so with the H-pipe and mufflers, and it'll probably be another 50 at least for the shop to do it for me.

    Thanks for the help though, I'll be sure to post sound clips before and after if I decide to go through with it.

    Either way I'm sure I'm in for a loud ride on bridges and the like as you said, straight out the side right under the door is going to make for loud any way it's done. Should be fun to find out though.
  4. i had started my v6 when i had the down pipe off and only the headers connected,it was nasty and it sounded like something chuck norris would drive.
  5. That's a nasty sound on any engine. My brother drove his 81 straight 6 300 10 miles with open headers after rebuilding it to get exhaust done. I waited at the exhaust shop in town for him and heard him coming a mile or so away.

    I'm thinking with cats and at least some type of muffler in the system it won't be too loud.

    I need to replace my cats I think too, my engine is completely rebuilt but it still has some problems and I think the cats are just old and get clogged. Kills my mileage yo :cry:
  6. my car never had problems with clogging cats untill the mass air flow sensor bummed out. went from 30+ to -20 mpg overnight and had engine vibration. after i changed the maf "about a month ago" the cats never stink anymore and they seems to be slowly opening up and flowing better now. engine vibration is a indication the cats are restricted. whats problems you have?
  7. Well originally it was just the vibration dampener, once that was fixed after the rebuild it was 20 times smoother obviously. but there was still a little shake to it. After having to deal with a :poo:ty harmonic balancer for so long I didn't give two :poo:s though so I barely noticed it.

    Now it's not much of a shake, but it's enough to make it's presence known. And it kind of kills my power. I'll be lucky if I get over 20 MPG's highway. The worst part is I drive a lot and I don't have much time to get to a shop and fix anything anymore. Maybe I'll try and swap out a new MAF or clean the current one and see if that helps. I'd love to get 30+ mpg's, I get an erection just thinking about it. lulz, I'm planning on doing exhaust soon so if this doesn't help I'll probably just axe the cats all together and go MIL eliminator on it. Because catted systems are way more expensive than the eliminators. Even though it gives me a weird feeling in my wallet.