Looking for a GT/Supercharged Mustang near SC

Discussion in 'SN95 WTB/Trade Cars & Parts' started by opshqq, Mar 12, 2010.

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  1. Hello Everyone,

    New to this forum. Been looking for a certain C5 Corvette....with crappy luck.
    Thought, why not move to a Mustang that can keep up, if not out run them...
    So, here's the deal. I'm looking for a 2000 or newer Mustang GT or a Supercharged Cobra. A convertible would be even nicer...
    I'm looking in the $10,000 -...maybe as high as $14,000 for the right one.

    Don't send me any crappy emails telling me what I can't and shouldn't do.
    If you have photo's I'd greatly appreciate it. I am in the Florence, SC area,
    but I can travel for the right car.

    Thanks for reading.
    OPSHQQ :nice:
  2. Anyone??

    WOW, no replies...
  3. ?

    i live in savannah ga. i got a bolt on full susp. weight reduction mustang daily driver it runs 12.30s on motor and 11.20s on spray super reliable send me ur email ill send pics asking 12000
  4. 94 Cobra (S-Trim)

    I have a Rio Red 1994 cobra with a Vortech S-trim. Car currently has 63,390 miles on it. Blower has only been on for about a year now, was installed and tuned by Amazon Racing in Anderson, SC. Let me know if interested
  5. I'm looking in the 2000- maybe a 2005 at the latest body style.
    Shoot me some photo's of the car you have...not really into anything
    being sprayed...but a SC would be super nice.


    Oh, I'd like to do something this week.
  6. hey man i im from south ga i have a 2003 silver gt with black leather its loaded. has a procharger p1sc pushing 10psi, accufab plenum and 75mm throttlebody, 3 core intercooler 42lbs injectors full pypes exhuast with pypes long tube headers, 03 chrome cobra wheels with 335 35 17 kuhmos out back on 17x10.5., blacked out tail lights mach 1000 system in the trunk. give me a shout if ur interested 912 286-4394. ill take 14,000 obo for it.
  7. Is that a convertible or hard top??

  8. spray isnt any worse for a car than any other power adder its all about gettin it done right i hav over $1500 in just tuning the car with street tune and dyno tune on motor and street tune and dyno tune on spray ill post some pics just so u can see it at least good luck though.

  9. No thanks. Looking for a certain Vert now...that 2000 GT with the
    charger.....looks pretty sweet right now.. :nice:
  10. 2003 procharged

    mine is a hard top also. can email pics if ur not set on the vert
  11. got a 2003 GT, built, sonic blue with white stripes for sale. I dont know how to post pics in here but the details are in another posting in this forum, Title 2003 GT, 10k in Performance...etc mods.
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