Looking For A Lightweight Car Cover

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  1. Hi all

    Any of you know where I can source a thin car cover for indoor use only? I haven't been able to find something straightforward and lightweight; something that's made of thin cotton or bed sheet-like material. I didn't think it was much to ask, but all I find is heavy duty stuff I don't need or want.

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions and links.
  2. All I see is those thick covers; same as I have. I might have to go to a seamstress and get a custom cover done in thin cotton... I want something I can trow in the washing machine.
  3. I use a deluxe poly cotton cover made by Coverite. It is exactly what your describing. I've had it for years, but I think the company discontinued them.
  4. Found online something thin and form-fitting, but it's in the $400 range. Ouch!
  5. Solved the question for good. I got two, old flannel bed sheets. Super soft, and they cover the entire car while in the garage. K.I.S.S!