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  1. Hey I have a very nice LX coupe 5.0 5-speed car with a near perfect interior. It's rust free and damage free, was gonna mod it up but I decided I should trade it for one that's already modified to someone who wants a super clean notch! Here's pics Lmk what you got to trade, mostly looking at fox cars but might consider sn95 or super nice "II" series, or other ford stuff lightning, fairmont, etc. http://s998.photobucket.com/albums/af107/TVCustoms/1991 Mustang Coupe/Mustang Notchback 1991/

    Email or text616-889-7723 [email protected]

    Apparently this site is only seen by those who already have exactly what they want and are not interested in trading or buying any cars. I never get any messages on this site, and I rarely see anyone actually sell their cars. This site is a disappointment.
  2. well, that kind of attitude wont get you a sale!

    and the reason no one asked about your car is because you painted the window trim.
  3. Hey, I didn't start out with this attitude. I was optimistic at first but got beaten down over time. I didn't paint the car btw, and since most window trim is shot after 20 years anyway, it doesn't really matter. Trim and seals are some of the easiest things to change. Rust free and clean interiors are far more important that what color the trim is. That's like passing on a good deal on a car because you don't like the brand of tires it has.
  4. I am a moron. Just a useless person in general. Waste of space
  5. :scratch: to your last post?

    And you might have gotten more hits had you posted this in the want to sell/trade section, instead of the want to buy section.

    As much as you may believe the site is disappointing, it seems your reading comprehension is even more so. :shrug:
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