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  1. Almost done doing my 3.8 to 5.0 swap and I can't get my old electric fan to go back in. I used the timing cover and water pump off of an older fox so I could use a mechanical fuel pump and now the fan hits the water pump. I have been reading about people using Intrepid and Taurus fans in foxes but what about SN95s? Would like to just go pull one from a junkyard instead of ordering one and waiting for it.
  2. contour fans
  3. The popular Taurus fan is a single blade and you'll probably have the same issue as with the stock fan. As noted, the dual Intrepid, Contour, et al dual-fan assemblies might be ok for you. Note that the duals often have a canister motor on one side and a pancake on the other. If there's an issue with one side hitting something, I suppose you could run the fan upside down.

    I don't think a whole lot of the SN folks have run the dual fans (it's more popular for Fox III retrofits, and those guys generally have more space anyways).
  4. I found one on Summit Racing's website that is pretty thin but it only flows 960 CFM. I found somewhere that the stock fan flows 2700 CFM on low and 3800 on high. Will 960 be enough to keep it cool? I rarely go anywhere outside of town except in October when I go to Cruisin' the Coast and its stop and go traffic. Which btw was a terrible way for dad to teach me to drive a stick.
  5. Just out of curiosity, does anyone know how many cfms the stock fan flows?

  6. The advertised CFM ratings are not necessarily apples to apples (methodology and interpolation differences. Things like voltages measured at, exclusion of fan motor impediment, etc), but I would want something that flows close to stock. The OEM ones noted earlier would.

    Kurt, the 2700 CFM spec sounds about right. I believe I had a CFM chart somewhere but I can't find it.
  7. Thanks Hissin. I didn't even know what the advertised was, I just knew that most people considered it adequate. I know people go to the Taurus fan because it's supposed to flow like 3500CFM.

  8. Sounds good. Looks like I'll be hitting up the scrap yard tomorrow sometime. Thanks for the help gents.
  9. Reviving old thread...
    How did the Taurus fan work out for you....??? looking for more cooling when stopped with the air on??