Looking For A New Set Of Lifters

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  1. I'm looking for a new set of lifters for my stock 302 block with a crane cam and edlebrock heads. I found these on Ebay, they are Eaton second design, which are more stout than the original factory lifters. Not sure about the second design, will I have any issues using these lifters?

  2. What's wrong with the stockers? Your combo doesn't seem so radical that you need upgraded units.
  3. Thats a stock lifter and the Eaton appears the same as the M6500-r302 from Ford Racing if you get my drift ;) $126

    For $90 that is a good deal....

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  4. A few of my lifters have knicks and chips on them
  5. Which Edelbrock head are you running?
    Hopefully not the E-Streets like me. The valve springs are junk lol
  6. I'm running the Performer Heads, not sure if the valve springs on them have been changed but they look new
  7. What is the proper lubrication to use when installing new lifters? Oil or assembly lube?
  8. I soak them in oil overnight and lightly pump up them with my fingers...assembly lube on lifter bore and camshaft.

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  9. ^^^ Exactly
  10. I went with trickflow ones. Not sure if they're USA made but they're good quality nonetheless
  11. If not stock, go Rhoades. You get a smaller camshaft and the increases in vac and low power and the full cam up top. It is variable valve timing for cheap! And no, noise has never been an issue on my cars. My solid lifter, factory stock, on a new Ranger were louder by far.