Looking for a pretentious hat to wear while driving my cabriolet

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  1. Mr. Noobz, I see you and I both have quite fine taste!
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  2. Yes Sir...

    As I suspected too. I admit that I'm a little embarrassed that I mentioned it, as I should have been resolute in the idea that men of taste and status would have already had these items.

    My Apologies,
  3. Does Messrs Noobz and N8 have this lovely work of 24K beauty yet?

  4. Oh gawd no... :nonono: This my good man, is not an episode of, "Cribs" or, "Pimp My ride". We're talking about taste and elegance. The only purpose in one owning a THRONE would be for trying to get other to perceive them as having status that they have not earned.

    No my friend. Quality is one thing... THAT is something else altogether. I prefer the simple things in life. As such, I have just an ordinary office chair in which to sit in my robes and ascot to smoke my pipe and sip on my hundred year old cognac.

  5. Hmmmm... so many things wrong with that picture. I feel sorry for the individual having to drive that automobile and even worse because he has his sights set so low. What mean is: A Bentley? Really?

    I suspect a serious self-image issue if his sights are not set on the Mustang Cabriolet. :(

    I get it though. Sadley, he may just be, being realistic.
  6. Oh, and.....

    PUNCH BUG! *punches Ram in the arm*
  7. WTF is a punch bug u arsehole?????
  8. Agreed, I see no silky smooth cabriolet top and tail lights that scream "I'm a poor Mexican ricer wannabe." That car very much reminds me of that hideous chair posted earlier.

    2011_Ram_RT you again succeeded in reminding everyone that Status is something that must be earned and not purchased. Surly many would laugh and poke fun if they saw someone sitting in such an atrocious chair. Now, fetch me a cigar and a glass of scotch if you wish to remain in our presence.

    There is nothing more frustrating than a peasant who doesn't know his/her place. :nono:
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  9. The red vehicle to the right of the wannabe bentley. :rolleyes:

    N8... It's becoming increasingly difficult to keep these commoners up to speed on the intricacies.
  10. I suppose you have one of these in your front yard dear sir:

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  11. ^ again I respectfully request you stop posting pictures of petty nicknacks. I don't need a statue of a servant, I have a real human servant that stands at my door to greet my guests and make my neighbors drool with envy.
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  12. Sir N8,

    I think he is trying to get our perverbial, "goat".
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  14. :bs:
  15. :violin:
  16. Damn, the PA020037.jpg is getting some Leather headlamp covers made and the PA020096.jpg is getting a full detail at this very instance........guess Ill just take the rental View attachment 168046
  17. PA020037.jpg

    Not bad with exception of the less than subtle, "Look at me" color.

    I suppose that one who couldn't afford the real thing could settle with this. o_O
  18. ORLY.jpg