Looking for a pretentious hat to wear while driving my cabriolet

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  1. Any one else getting absolutely wasted tonight?
  2. I was considering having thehelp get wasted for me so that I didn't feel poorly in the morning.
  3. Hahaha! I never thought of doing that!

    Good news, my sweet manservant Pascal finally got my pile of cinder blocks arranged in a suitable manner. I lost track, but I think he had to move them from one side of my yard to the other around 48 times.

    After I threw him a few treats in the grass I had him dig and then refill a series of holes in my side yard. It looked as if he was struggling as there were quite a few large tree roots and rocks. I thought about giving him a shovel, but I am trying to teach him about character so I only let him look at a shovel as he dug with his bare hands.

    I just sent him off to his hole for the night as he has several wives and an unfathomable number of children to care for.

    If I decided to have Pascal drink for me what is the best choice of alcohol. I would like to appear to have status, but if I'm not drinking I really don't want to waste the money. I can think of two choices:

    1. Have Pascal dig the filthy bottle of Grey Goose from the bottom of my trash can. Refill it with the cheapest vodka Liquor Barn has to offer.

    2. Splurge a bit and go for a bottle of 175 proof bourbon. Then tomorrow while I have him pushing me around in my cabriolet I can laugh at him because he is so hung over.
  4. Yes!!! I have good high quality scotch for myself in a hip flast. However, for my guests I have filled a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue Label with cheap knock off scotch. Why waste my fortunes on others?

    Similar to the V-6 cabriolet, 99% of people who will drink my cheap scotch in a Johnny Walker Blue Label bottle will have no idea they are drinking cheap $5/liter scotch. They'll be impressed with my ability to hand out high quality scotch to anyone without batting an eye.
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  5. No high dollar cigars:nonono:
  6. The only thing that can help this thread... is boobies.

  7. Boobies.................................................................
    That does really help.
  8. Like those driving a V6, I feel sorry for those that need servants because they are just too lazy, too large or too uneducated to do things themselves. Nothing screams "I need my mommy!" more than having someone fetch your shoes, jacket, diaper or whatever! Sorry SK, verts are not as uncommon as you make them out to be and your "status" is the definition of delusional. I agree the thread has merit as a comical piece though :)
    One other question begs to be asked...why would someone with so much money worry about the amount of gas used by the car?:shrug:

    Ram Rt, that's some funny chit!
    Btw, it's "punch bug red, no punch backs!" or so I'm told by my rugrats that we tote around in our minivan :eek:

    MR. econo-box :p
  9. You are quite wise beyond your Mustang's years, N8. Your grasp on the concept of "perceived status" is impressive. Why spend more when you can have the same status for less?

    Let me ask you guys a question. I want to start a thread that is based on all things status. A thread where status enthusiast such as myself, N8, GoTime, and Noobz can discuss our placement in the upper most echelon of the status totem pole. I want a safe place for us enthusiast to brag about our kills. Should I start a new thread, post my kills here, modify the name of this thread and post my kills here, or request that this thread be closed so that I can start a new one?

    I am leaning towards the closure of this thread. If we start a new one the light will shine so bright that all the weak noobs will be drawn to the flame and inevitably burned to a heap of worthless ash by myself or one of my associates.
  10. Code:
    You are a moth. I have spent enough time burning your type here. I am through with you and your people for now. Copy and paste this garbage in my next thread and see what happens. Savvy?
  11. Mods, please lock this one up. It has run it's course and undoubtably made enough poor coupe owners green with envy.

  12. Let's lock this one up
  13. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! :rlaugh:
  14. Is Status ass still here:shrug:
  15. I heard he had to return the car. You know late fee's and all.
    Hes now back in his Mini Van......:rlaugh:
  16. minivan.jpg
  17. Mr. StatusKill er, Sir StatusKill if you will I do have one question I am left pondering after reading this glorious thread. This status of yours is all built upon your 'cabriolet' and your servants but I do have one question if I may.. If you breathe in such rarefied air with the largest brown stain on your nose I have personally seen on the vast internet may I ask why you purchased your 2006 cabriolet in the year 2012? Why purchase a 6 year old car when you obviously can walk to a dealership and purchase a new one solely with your status?
  18. StatusKill need not answer to us peons, only to his almighty ghey beret and his Cabrio........silly texredgt:p
  19. Guys, sorry if I appear to an overly PC Californian. I first thought the thread was funny and that SK was joking around, then I realized he was serious, basing his self esteem on the downtrodden, dangling things in front of the poor to make them jealous, talking down about the poor, and trashing and insulting other peoples' cars among other things.

    I have not visited this site for a couple years but came back only to find a very mean, obnoxious, and offensive poster gathering a couple thousand hits, and possibly angering lots of folks, with the intent of getting a rise out of them - which he did. I also noticed he jumped into many threads with his obnoxious self offering his 2 cents, which is all it was worth.

    I contacted the StangNet folks and provided links to some of the things he said. I suggested if they see fit, that they would kick him off. Have we seen him lately?