Looking for a pretentious hat to wear while driving my cabriolet

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  1. The hat guy

    :lol: :rlaugh: Have you ever read Johnathan Swift's Modest Proposal?
  2. Good luck bluecar... I suspect one of the mods is having fun with us disguised as SK. :shrug: Guess they have to have fun sometimes :D
  3. hmmm, I don't know if they would do that....But it would make sense on why this thread has not been locked yet :shrug: Just figured I would quit posting to build this up, even though I can't help but to comment sometimes.
  4. well troll or not, for all the BS that went on. I kind of like the new signature
  5. I find your post no better than his. Sorry, tool or not, he really didn't cross the line. Crossed the line on not having any sense...but that's about it. Not really sure what travesty it is by not locking the thread. Nobody was posting until you brought it back up.
  6. I'm leaving too. Asking them to delete my account. Hooray to some of you people. I'm tired of the jabs, arguments, pissing contests, and show me yours I'll show you mine kinda stuff. Non productive and spending too much time.
  7. I still want a hat with a feather in it.
  8. Wether he crossed the line is up to the mods, but seriously, a thread started on the topic of clothing? Should have been moved to the chit-chat room. Personally I could care less and I'm not trying to tell anyone how to run the show. It was a good laugh though.:D
  9. You are obviously a broken man so I will not respond to your posts.
  10. Well said. If you read through the thread you will see that I never once attacked a member that hadn't already sassed me. The funny thing is that a few members actually got me a couple times. I didn't go whining and crying to the mods like a four year old who missed Hannah Montana. Who cares? This is the damn Internet.

    I too am shocked to see that blue car resurrected this ancient thread. It makes me giggle like a school girl to think that this got his Hanes in such a tight little wad that he had to bring it up days after the final post.

    This thread was done. I asked for it to be closed nearly a week ago and hadn't posted since. This is an old thread. It is dated. Let's let it go fellas.
  11. Good riddance. Love to see you go; hate to watch you leave.

    The fewer cabriolet owners here the better. I just climbed a notch on the status totem pole. Good for me.
  12. Look, I don't know much about forums, but I would assume that the moderator understood my need to speak with like minded, cabriolet owning, status enthusiasts such as myself in order to make the right hat buying decision. What good would it be if the owner of a "fox body thingy" slithered in and suggested a no status hat such as a bonnet or a Truckers hat. Us statuticians would have a hissy fit.
  13. Too funny!! I can't believe I read through this whole thread and that there were people who actually took this seriously.

    Hands free transmission! I love it!
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  14. This thread was a lot of fun for sure. :rlaugh:
  15. Truly, out right EPIC first response :rlaugh:
    Then it just Piles on like syrup and butter on a stack of hot cakes 3 feet high :nice:
  16. You forgot the crack cocaine. I love this thread. :lol:
  17. This thread has too much class to die permanently. It will be resurrected every so often until it too is old enough to vote.

  18. Ahh... You found it. Good. :)
  19. This one is even funnier than the '92 SVT Cobra Convertible thread awhile back. LOL