Looking for a pretentious hat to wear while driving my cabriolet

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  1. Status, I can assure you that no one here is laughing at N8's gt. Unlike you he actually drives a tasteful mustang. His gt is rich in status whereas yours isn't. N8's status > statuskill status.
  2. Hahahahahahahahahah! Thank you for posting that hilarious picture! You know, the one of that beat up, ugliest Mustang ever crapped out of the ford factory, heap of rotting garbage coupe. Oh boy did I get quite a jovial laugh! Thank you my friend.
  3. Thanks for the new sig quote :D
  4. Ok, here's what we'll do. I am formally challenging N8 to a status-off. We will park both our cars near the back of the Save-A-Lot parking lot. I will retract my silky cabriolet top and N8 can do whatever he wants to make that "thing" look relevant. After two hours we will see who has the most looks of pure jealousy.
  5. Let's put it to a forum vote since I am not going to drive to hickville, TN and you probably won't drive to Minneapolis
  6. This forum isn't an accurate representation of what goes on in the streets of anywhere, USA. This forum is made up of performance enthusiast who would drive a half dismantled rust bucket you see by the dozen parked behind trailer parks so long as it had a V8 and loud stinky exhaust. I am not looking for the approval of the performance community.

    Fortunately for me, at least here in Kentucky, there are 1000 tenant farmers putting around in their "cheapest car I could find to get me from point a to b" who are all ripe for the killing. These are the ones I look to for that ego stroke. When I see that longing lust in their poor, blood shot eyes, that look that says, "wow, you must be rich", I know I bought the right car.
  7. You're misinterpreting that look. What they're actually thinking is wow that's only a v 6
  8. Ok, this is getting a bit redundant. I'm not going to associate with someone who owns a car that's old enough to be a Justin Beiber fan. Don't they have a separate forum for cars that weren't produced in this century?
  9. I'm not a justin bieber fan but for what its worth his status is like a much higher than yours :LOL:
  10. Ok guys, my hat is officially on order. Came out at just over $160. Should be here in the next week.

    I still have a few questions that haven't been answered.

    1. Does anyone have suggestions for an expensive pipe to match my hand woven Tommy Bahama safari hat?

    2. Has anyone ever installed the five piece GT500 conversion kit (front and rear stickers, driver and passenger door stickers, and hood stripe stickers)?

  11. You own a v-6 convertible, you smoke cawk, and you have a gay hat. Haha awesome :D
  12. I have a coupe... is it ugly?

  13. What status is on your front license plate? It looks pink.
  14. Status, your car is actually pretty nice.
    But before you waste $$$ on a hat and pipe you really should
    invest some $$$ in some decent impressive Wheels. Those wheels you got are
    the most UGLY wheels Ive ever seen on a Mustang.
  15. Dude.....that's a low blow:nonono:
  16. To be frank, yes, your thing is horrendously unattractive. Let me clarify. Ford just flat out got it wrong when they crapped out that version of the Mustang. That thing you have there is even below the "fox" body as you guys put it; and we all know those are about as bad as it gets. Your car is one notch below Chrysler LeBaron cabriolet on the status meter. The only two door car I can think of with less status is an Eagle Talon, and I'm sure some would argue that.

    Having Mustangs on the road like what is pictured above gives all Mustang owners a bad name. That car screams, "I have no job, no money, and bought the bottom of the barrel wanna-be boy racer crap bucket". I propose that all rich cabriolet owners throw in a few dollars. We will buy up all Mustangs of that generation and have a massive bonfire. I see your's is for sale right now. I will purchase it from you for the more than fair price of a five pack of "Trident Layers" chewing gum. I will then pay horseless carriage moving services to haul it off in an enclosed trailer as there is no possible way I would subject innocent bystanders to such a rotting heap of filth. I will of course then have it compacted at the junk yard, that is of they accept that type of trash.
  17. Let's take it one step at a time, streethorse. You may not believe me, but there is such a thing as too much status. My plan is to wait on my hand woven Tommy Bahama hat to arrive. I would also like to get a pretentious pipe to compliment my hat.

    Upon delivery I will drive around town hitting up all my favorite low status joints such as Wa-Mart, the bus station, and several low income government subsidized neighborhoods. I will drive slowly, as the car was meant to be driven, letting all the bums take in the true beauty of my cabriolet. I will take a status reading and use my findings to decide if I am in that "status sweet spot".

    Look, I may be very affluent, but I am not stupid. If I don't need wheels to reach my desired level of status I will not purchase them. Let's take it slow; right now I am pipe shopping. I will update you guys with my findings shortly. Thanks to the members who enjoy helping me shop for pretentious hats and pipes rather than insult my cabriolet.

  18. You drive a work truck. You have no status. Savvy?
  19. I have more status in my purple daily driver New Yorker than you'll ever have in that base model Mustang... any crumb of status you have driving your car will quickly go away with the addition of a hat and a pipe. :lol:

    Here's an idea I'd like all sn-95 owners and fox owners to whore up this thread with pics :rlaugh: