Looking for a pretentious hat to wear while driving my cabriolet

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  1. Thank you for pwning the work truck driver, N8. His incessant childish comments are getting old.

    I will say this, he has heart, just when you think he has given up he gives it one more shot. He's like the little engine that could. The little work truck driving engine that could.

  2. Updated signature. Savvy?
  3. And some Grey Poop-On:nice:
  4. :nono: it's actually spelled poupon, although I wouldn't expect someone in your class to know that. :)
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  5. Haaah! I'm the one with the status! I'm the 1400th hitter on this crazy thread!
  6. While I have no doubt that you must love a nice "****-pit", it should pain you to know that your interior is not exactly "leather-covered". Take a closer look at it front and back and get back to us.

  7. This is a first; a cabriolet owner green with envy in the face of a more status laden cabriolet owner. Must be my lovely trophy grade teacup Maltese.

    What kind of dog do you own? I'm betting it's some type of "low end, discount pound pup tramp we see advertised on TV with Sarah Mcglachlan singing in the background".

    Say hi to Jack-Bo. She has more status than you and your low life mixed breed.


  8. Would you really rather have your car over mine? Lets see some more pics of yours? "I fart in your general direction!"

  9. I would absolutely prefer driving my car over your's. Let me list a few reasons why:

    1. My car gets better gas mileage. Although I do occasionally pull up to top the tank of just to get a few looks, I most definitely don't want to be a slave to the pump.

    2. My car has a smaller engine. Having a large engine is juvenile and irresponsible. To boot it discourages driving slowly as to elicit the maximum number of jealous stares.

    3. My car is undoubtably a more desirable color than your's. As I mentioned several pages back, red mustangs, in any variation of the hue, are some of the most repulsive of the bunch, regardless of year. When I see a red mustang I think, "poor boy wanted a ferarri, but this heap is the best he could do. Maybe I should give him money for lunch. Ehh, maybe not. He will most likely either spend it on drugs or juvenile mods to make his exhaust louder."

    Lookie here, boy. You are a day late and more status than I care to think of short.
  10. Ok you've convinced me; I'll be at the local hertz rent-a-car auction in the morning hoping to score me one of those beauties like you have there. I have officially tired of this non-sensical, once slightly humorous, fictional thread. carry on fellers.
  11. Thank God! I just realized that you live in KY (saw the license plate). Rule number 1 of online argument: Never argue with someone who is 500 miles or less from your doorstep.
  12. Oh hell... I just realized that there is a CAR in that pic!

    Now it makes sense!
  13. But its not a Cabrio so it has no Status.......
  14. Yes, but even if this exact make and model was a "cabrio" it still wouldn't have status, because of it's big gas guzzling engine that calls for juvenille and childish behavior. A car like that would be driven to fast where I wouldn't be able to maximize the amount of jealous stares from those unworthy peasants. :D
  15. Maybe he would be better served by another Hertz rental special.....

  16. Mmmmmm.... I'm thinking of some juvenile and childish behavior right now!
  17. Decent female; atrocious car.

    If this picture doesn't prove my point I don't know what will. Even the girl is laughing at the car. I can only imagine her thoughts go something like this, "I feel so bad for this guy taking the picture. He truly believes that a red Mustang is a race car. Hahahah, it's not even a cabriolet!".

    Look, I've had a great day. I have gotten more status kills than I can keep track of. Let's not ruin it with pictures of "Joey Racers 16th Birthday Present". I just cracked into a fifth of the status-ticians drink aka Grey Goose. Let's keep things cool in here and I'll tell you guys about one of the kills I got earlier today.

    Is there a dedicated sub-forum for status kills here on SN? If there is please someone post a link.

  18. Lava, I here by knight you honorary status-tician. Here Here!

    I'm not saying that a cabriolet with more than 210 HP (or whatever mine has) has no status, I'm just saying that the larger engine is usually purchased for different reasons such as performance kills. As long as the "stang" has the two very expensive options; hands free transmission and the power folding silky smooth cabriolet top, it has status in my book (depending on color, type of hat worn, type of dog being carried by owner, leather seats, mahogany pipe, etc).

    I dont have a problem with 800HP Mustangs blowing the doors of minivans driven by soccer moms in 20 MPH school zones so long as when you crash you don't take the lives of one of my friends and family. Everyone has to get their jollies somewhere. I just happen to get mine in a ver safe, slow, status laden manner.