Looking for a pretentious hat to wear while driving my cabriolet

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  1. Mr. SK living in MN coupes are much more desirable. That said I do wonder why you, good sir, didn't purchase a fine German automobile? We all know German cabriolets illicit a much higher status than American made cars. In addition your hat, pipe, and monocle would be much more fitting in a German car. That reminds me, you should purchase a Harvard sweater vest. Nothing screams status like a saucy sweater vest.
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  2. The awakening

    Now that I have seen the error in my ways, not having a cabriolet or a V6....I called my local dealer and he is willing to trade me one 05 mustang cabriolet V6, gray and one 06 Mustang V6, blue, for my Roush....I will have the deal done tomorrow. Hopefully then I can be the envy of all my neighbors...What kind of hat should I get?
  3. Congratulations on the upgrade my fine sir. It should be noted that the cut off date for status laden mustangs was January 1, 2006. You may discard of your 2005 model as you wish.

    As far as what to do, I would suggest updating the name of this site. My vote is for "StatusNet.com". Make it case sensitive. I have a feeling that will weed out most of the unwanted peasants that are accessing the site from the public library.

  4. Why is this thread still going?
  5. ^ Shouldn't you be cleaning my house peasant?
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  6. ... and wash my car! :fuss:
  7. Status Kill - October 12, 2011 - 11:38 AM

    Today I decided to shop for pretentious pipes and monocles rather than work. I was reluctant to drive my cabriolet sans rich man's Tommy Bahama hat, but it was a fine day laden with peasants so I went for it.

    I drove, top down, WHITE Maltese visible, all the way to the mall. Jack-Bo in hand I approached the doors of Macy's with the upmost confidence.

    As I approached the door I came upon a potentially blind person (not sure of gender) holding the leash to what appeared to be a golden retriever, pug, sloth, street hound mix. Instinctively Jack-Bo put on her "cute face". To my surprise the blind vagrant with the hobo dog could see! It made eye contact first with myself, then Jack-Bo. I could see it wince in pain at the glorious sight of Jack-Bo's perfect, female, status laden face.


    Over the next few hours I hit up three sunglasses stores as well as one pipe retailer. Didn't find anything of worthy prestige.

    I decided that it was best to shop online as there are few stores in Kentucky capable of accommodating a rich cabriolet owner's needs. As I came upon my cabriolet, silky top in place, I noticed out of the corner of my eye the poor lesser dog owner.

    As she approached her old time, rusted, cassette era coupe I saw her eyes stop upon my cabriolet. She exclaimed, "Nice mustang cabriolet"! I replied, "Hey there, I like your thing too".

    She sat down in the aluminum minor league baseball grade seats in her Camaro, I sat down in the luxurious leather seats of my Mustang cabriolet. As she drove off I began the retraction sequence of my silky cabriolet top. I could see her head turned in a 180 degree angle, watching in amazement at my power folding top. As I pulled off I nodded in her direction. I'm not sure if she noticed my wink, but I could tell she was broken by jealousy.

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  8. Never mind a sub-forum, you have convinced me that the name of the website should be changed to StatusNet.
  9. Anyone else reminded of the movie "Roadhouse"? Mr. Wesley is the arrogant rich man gets his dues in the end? He had a snappy hat and even drove a vert mustang, alas it was red...but I'd take that V8 fox over slappy's v6 n e day!

    Sounds like 'Big fish in a little pond' syndrome 'cept with all the "peasants" he's talking about, it's more like 'Little fish in a mudpuddle' :shrug:

  10. So you know... We can all read the envy dripping from your post. :(
  11. Hey there Mr. Ford Focus! I saw you putting around yesterday in your "cheapest car I could buy to get my family from point a to b". You looked mighty jealous when we made eye contact at that red light.
  12. Sounds great! Looks like the domain is open. I would like to make a few suggestions.

    1. Make it a "tiered" pay site. Charge for general admission, but charge an addition premium for access to the more status laden sub-forums. This will allow status enthusiast like myself and noobz to chat freely without the annoying banter from the "focus and work truck" crowd.

    2. The background of the site should look rich, after all, it's a rich man's forum to talk all things status. Make the general site an entry level luxury material such as Mahogany. Maybe the next level should have a granite slab background. I'm seeing platinum as the background for the top tier status sub-forum.

    3. We need a rich man's font. This damn generic type writer font just won't cut it. Calligraphy and Old English should suffice.

    Basically if your going to open this site we need some sort of segregation. No one's going to pay a premium if there is a chance some "econo-box peasant mover" owner is going to chime in on a rich man's conversation with childish yip-yap.
  13. I say base the price on "status". Gentlemen such as you, Noobz and myself are already drenched in status, therefore we shouldn't have to pay to be in the exclusive circle of said site. In other words, the site would be priviledged to have status laden members such as ourselves. However, other individuals with little to no status (I'm looking at you Ram_RT and beviking) should have to pay significantly for access to the site. Peons such as them wouldn't be able to afford the price of admission and therefore the site would be reminiscent of a mahogany laden smoke and scotch room.

    Let us remember status cannot be purchased, it must be earned by making wise decisions in the type of car to drive, what to wear, choice accessories (fancy watch, pipe, and monocle for example), and a fancy dog. :nice:
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  14. Very well said. I forgot to add that the select few status enthusiast should be allowed complimentary platinum membership. Thank you for catching my error.

    Another plus to charging a premium for the performance types is that it would strip them of their mod money which would mean less stinky, diesel like exhausts as well as safer roadways for our friends and family.
  15. ^ why are you sitting in Mr SK's car in that picture Lava?
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  16. Hahaha! That is even better than the last signature picture you made for me! Why not be a dear and re-size it for me.
  17. More like big douche in a little pond:nice:
  18. Sorry, I wanted to fill his level of status :cry: Let me go back to my louzy juvenille GT, that sucks way to much gas :( Or i could go to Hertz and get a car worthy of his status :scratch: