Looking for a pretentious hat to wear while driving my cabriolet

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  1. Hertz have some lovely 2011 Camaro's for rental by Mr. Status/douche canoe:nice:
  2. I would like to thank Mr. Work Truck and Mr. Econo-Box for giving everyone a raw, unadulterated, unfiltered look at the jealousy and hate I encounter on a daily basis due to my choice in vehicles.

    If it weren't for bums like you guys where would us status enthusiast look to get our jollies, kills, and status-faction?

    Carry on Gents,
  3. If you were anyone other than StatusKill I would tell you to go fawk yourself, but I shall not.......you at least have a SN-95, which makes you cool..........but not as cool as Mr. Hertz Rental.
  4. Guys, I just spotted Lava racing around town in his ultra fast race car. Boy, that exhaust was loud and nasty. Only got one good shot as he soon had to pull over and refuel his gas guzzling hyper car.


  5. *sigh*

    This is the cross we bare for being among the upper crust of society. Regardless of how tolerant and magnanimous we are, there will always be those that are distressed by their inability to achieve the levels of success that we enjoy.

    Being above that though, we will continue help educate and inform those less fortunate. This is how we give back to the world for the elevated status that we've aquired.
  6. ***The student becomes the master***
  7. Funny you refer to the v8's as gas guzzlers..my 412hp 5 liter v8 gets 26mpg on the highway ...your measly 210hp v6 is rated at the same 26mpg...so that's + status for me, - status for you sir in your has guzzling v6.
  8. The jealousy... :nonono: Though sometimes difficult to endure, we strive to understand your perspective and and make every effort not to show the pity in our eyes.

    02GTRX... You need not wear the avatar of shame_edited.jpg . It's not your fault... It's not your fault. :(
  9. Alright, I'm getting mad. How many times do I have to explain that an every day coupe has no status as seen through the eyes of Mr and Mrs Camry.

    When they see a coupe they think, "Poor boy wanted a race car, but that's the very best he could do"; that or they don't even notice because there are mustang coupes on every street corner, stoplight, section 8 tenants driveway.

    On the other hand, when they see that oh so rare and status laden cabriolet, they think, "Wow, that guy must be rich to be able to afford a weekend play toy; a second or third car".

    I drive a Mustang cabriolet, it must be fast, it's a sports car driven for fun on weekends. Mrs. Oddesy has no clue what a GT is, and quite frankly she couldn't care less. What she does know is that the cabriolet is impractical, it's a looker, and it's uber rare.

    I'm sure you could have bought a cabriolet with the money you spent on your every day bread and butter coupe, but as my fellow status enthusiast N8 noted, money can not buy you status, and evidently it can't buy you wit, humor, or class. Savvy?
  10. At least you are cool Noobz:nice:
  11. Well...

    Now that, that unpleasantness has finished, I feel it incumbent on me to begin the re-education of the peasants.

    Our first lesson will be one of geography (that is: The study of the earth and its features and of the distribution of life on the earth, including human life and the effects of human activity).

    Now... it has come to my attention that although not completely understood, the on-goings of peasants in positions of authority have done a good job of making a mess of world affairs.

    Change takes time... Granted. We need however, to start somewhere. I will begin with the education of those with whom we have the closest contact so that they might all be utilized to help spread the word of the new order.

    As such... we will simplify the map of the world followed by international and intercontinental politics but I digress... Baby steps. So let's start simply. Please study the map below and memorize the look of the new world in which you will live. Note that some regions are simply beyond repair and will never have those traits necessary to gain the status required to be part of our new society:

  12. I have always wanted a hat with a feather in it.
  13. I lurk and read but pretty much hardly ever post, but for me , this has been one of the most enjoyable threads I have read in a long time and I felt I needed to reply.
    The OP has fantastic writing and story telling skills. If I had a hat, I would tip my hat to you StatusKill.
    I believe this thread, in itself, deserves a "status kill". I enjoyed it so much it inspired me to do a little photochopping and I came up with a signature for this thread, based on the story told.
    This signature is not a shot at StatusKill, the OP. I am definitely a fan. It's about the thread itself.


    Great job StatusKill, I look forward to your next epic thread.:nice:
  14. Ok, this is just plain EPIC! Very well written and the map had me cracking up. I showed it to my super fine, 5 foot 7 inch, 125 pound, natural c cup, spray tanned, $1000 extensions, massive 3.2 ct RKD (remote killing device AKA ring), huge earning potential, only child (big inheritance) wife and I'm not kidding; she cracked up! I gotta do it...:nice:
  15. What's up brother? I absolutely love the user name! Back in college my boys and I would always yell, "it's ****ing go time" before we began our inebriation process.

    The signature that you made me is awesome. I really appreciate it. To boot, it is perfectly sized and ready to go. I sat and stared at it for a few minutes before I began posting. As soon as I get done rubbing this low end signature in lava's face I plan on activating your custom designed status signature. Already saved it.
  16. I must add that I love the bums in the background and the "status kill" on the pavement is so cool!

    Thanks again GoTime,
  17. Nice rental Car ! I hate to inform you though, after you have finished vacation you are suppose to return the car. Its common curtsy and it lets others have a turn.
  18. After examining your signature I feel confident in saying that you have haven't the first clue as to what status really means. I'm sure you read through this whole thread, saw that a few had put up the "rental car" argument, and that I swiftly gave them a super sized verbal beat down. How that you failed to notice this trend is beyond me. I will take it slow this time so that you may understand, junior.

    Your 2000 "thingy" fits into the group of "ugliest mustang ever produced". It's not retro, it's not modern, and it's not quite ancient; nobody really knows what it is, and quite frankly no one cares.

    It is you, Mr. 2000 Turn of the Century Mustang Driver who I get the most jealous looks from. Maybe you can explain to us status enthusiast why your people are so envious of my people. I swear, everywhere I go I see your type. No status, no silky cabriolet top, repetitive transmission that makes you perform manual labor to get anywhere. Just yesterday I was driving through a trailer park and was able to count at least six of your things before the stench of rotting poverty made me nauseous and I had to go home to lay down.

    My man servant drives a mustang like your's, albeit a 2001. I can only assume that you too are a man servant to a wealthy cabriolet owner like myself. Please get off your masters computer. I'm quite sure you have some mundane, degrading, repetitive work to be doing outdoors where you belong. I have my man servant, pascal, out moving cinder blocks from one side of my yard to the other. It's been two days, but every time he gets all 86 to one side I remember how nice they looked on the other. Hopefully he will get it right soon as I have a series of holes I need him to dig and then refill.
  19. I love the smell of jealousy in the morning! In fact, on my way to work today a poor peasant in a Camry nearly rear ended another group of peasants in a minivan. The look of envy was priceless and the fact that the peasant nearly rear ended a minivan while drooling incessantly made it even more enjoyable.

    That reminds me, I recently acquired a new accessory that surly provides a nice subtle boost to my already impeccable status. Mr. SK and Noobz, I suggest you both take a look at this fine mahogany cellular iPhone case. Amazon.com: Handcrafted Figured Mahogany Case for iPhone 4: Everything Else I realize men like us rarely need to use the telephone as we have our servants conduct our business, but I like all of my possessions, including my servants, to reek of wealth and illicit stares of envy and jealousy.

    Have you received your fine hand woven hat? Were you able to decide on an appropriate pipe and I'm still wondering if you've elected to purchase a monocle?
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