Looking for a support part # for a '99 GT 35th anniversary spoiler


New Member
Aug 26, 2020
New Mexico
Hi, all. Glad to be here! I've got a silver '99 GT 35th anniversary edition I'm getting roadworthy again, and it's working great but has a lot of cosmetic damage. The spoiler fell off years ago because the plastic supports broke where the screws hold them to the trunk. I'd like to replace just the supports—the blade part of the spoiler is fine—but can't seem to find a part number. They have XR33-6341602-GBW printed on them, but that takes me to the whole spoiler.

I'm kinda new to this whole process and was hoping to just order the part and some foam gaskets online somewhere. Will I need to go to a salvage yard and cross my fingers on color? Or am I better off ordering the spoiler? And any tips on getting foam gaskets?

Thank you!
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