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  1. Hello, just looking for help on upgrades for my 95 gt and different exterior looks

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  2. image.jpg Clean n simple. Mach I chin spoiler n painted ground effects black. Lowered about an inch
  3. Awww man yea that's nice, I already got it lowered I want that chin spoiler and more rims with the 3"cowl hood or cobra hood
  4. How much do you think it'll run me to get it painted over the same color it is now its the teal color I feel like since its teal they'll charge extra
  5. The cost of a paint job is in the prep and finishing labor not the color of the paint.
  6. Depends, how much bodywork it needs, whether it's visible or not. What brand of paint. How many coats of clear. Are you willing to buff and shine yourself. If you can do the finishing work and the body is straight that will help. I still think it'd be expensive unless you know someone that can do it for you personally. Paint jobs around me start at $3500-$4500 ha-ha, not funny.
  7. Ha! Mine was also teal, its now viper blue. They won't charge extra because its teal but a color change will run more since they have to pant jambs. Also color prices vary with white being the cheapest and red the most expensive. Something to do w the pigment. But a decent paint job will run $3-4k. They can also be alot cheaper and alot higher... Alot of it depends on how much prep work they do and how much body work. You ought to drive er to several shops and get estimates. Ask alot of questions about what they do and what the charge. How many stages, and stuff like that. Maybe I read it wrong, did you wanna go back teal? If so it wouldn't be as much as a color change, you could get away w no jambs. Ps: thanks for the compliment. I got the chin from upr. If ya get one I'd have the shop spray it black. It comes w a matte finish and its a lil jinky
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  8. Yea I'm trying to go back to teal the paint on it now is not really that bad it was just the roof of the car and a couple leftover graphic marks the guy I bought it from used it as a promotion car for business but yea I like that blue color on yours the rims I love too lol .....thanks everyone for the comments
  9. Here's a friend of mine's blue SN-95. It's pretty sharp! (UPR-equipped)

  10. Man that's nice looks well put together I was looking for deep dish rims like that
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  11. Thanks man. Mine was my dads. He bought it in early 96 w like 3k mi I think it was?? It was painted this past summer. The paint on the roof was starting to "haze" I guess you'd call it from being out in the sun. It looked like clouds.. Dad and I weren't ever wild about the teal way back when and he always wanted to paint it. It only took 17 yrs.... Shortly after paint came the wheels, I think they made the car.
  12. Man you guys took care of her real good and yea that's how my roof looks, it's funny because alot of people including my dad wasn't to hot about the paint that's on mines now but honestly I like the teal it's pretty cool
  13. image.jpg This is the only bad spot of the car the good and roof and the spoiler the the car is rust free except that spot on the good
  14. Mine did the same w a lil on front bumper as well. Dad put over 300k mi on er and it was rebuilt 3 yrs ago. Prob less than 5k mi on the new motor now
  15. You have any upgrades on the engine??
  16. Def a nice looking ride.... back rims are sweet.
  17. Not like it should have.. Flat top pistons, Stock heads w 3 angle valve job and better springs, .512 lift cam, and ported lower intake and a cold air. Had to get an sct chip n tune due to the cam. Monday after thanksgiving its going back to the dyno. The first time it was tuned it the lower wasnt ported and it had rusted out mufflers. Now it still has the stock midpipe but I had the precats removed and added forza flow mufflers. It had flowmasters before and he forza's are a bit louder. Oh and 3.73 gears. It's not the quickest thing on the street but she's faster than when it was new and a lot torquier. I think the next big purchase after the interior is freshened is gonna be a vortech v3 and call it a day. I think the best thing that was done though was the suspension. It's tight but not overly harsh. Corners like a dandy but won't jar your candy.