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  1. OK people, I'll be up front right now. I'm in the market to buy a new toy and ma trying to choose between an SN95 'Stang or an early Mopar, most likely a Roadrunner.
    I know it sounds crazy, but I sat and thought long and hard over the winter months here in New York and these two are my choice of toys to pick up.
    So, with that being said, here's what I'm looking for:

    First and foremost, I'm not looking for anyone's ratted out money pits. I have looked at several Mustangs over the past few months and the majority have been modded or beat to death and aren't worth 1/2 of the money being asked for them. So, if your car falls into that category, then please just move on.
    Secondly, I'm not in a rush to buy a 'Stang. I will gladly wait until one comes along that I find absolutely irresistable. I will know when I find that car, trust me.
    I would prefer a hardtop and I only want an unmodded Mustang. I also am looking for GT or even a Cobra if the price is right. Colors I prefer are black, dark metallic red, yellow, and charcoal grey. I will entertain other colors but those are at the top of my list.
    I am willing to travel a reasonable distance for the right car as well. Obviously it will have to be roadworthy and able to be driven. I'm not picky on options although I would prefer a highly optioned GT if possible.
    That pretty much covers what I'm looking for, I think. I'm not going to disclose the amount I'm willing to spend simply because the amount I am willing to spend on a car will be directly proportionate to the car, condition, location and overall "gotcha factor", if you know what I mean.

    I apologize to those who think my post might be a little arrogant or sarcastic. However, I have chased too many pipe dreams in the hopes of finding the car that takes my breath away, and not because of the number of rust holes or holes in the convertible tops at highway speeds. :eek: Again, if your car does not fit into the category I listed above, then please do not waste your time and mine trying to convince me to buy a car that I simply have no desire to own.

  2. i have a black 2000 mustang GT. 5 speed. black leather interior. has bullitt rims, mach 1 chin spoiler, grille delete kit, silver stripes, sunroof, the only motor mods are a plenium, throttle body and cold air which i have all the stock parts that can be changed in an hour. also has an h pipe to 40s series flowmaster. oil changed with synthetic and all that. treat it like my baby. idk if this is what your lookin for or not but just thowin it out there. would take 8000 if i saw it in cash. let me know. thanks.
  3. 1994 two owner like new red gt low miles

    I have a 1994 GT that I have owned for about 8 yrs. I am 48 y/o and it was
    originally owned by a single gentleman in early 40's. Non smoking, no wrecks
    near perfect. Passes emissions, smooth riding and driving, without rattles, and
    problems. Have to see this car to believe condition. Only drivers seat hardly
    ridden in. I bought it with 55k miles and have put aprox. 8k miles on it.
    Just too nice to daily drive, so I have not had the heart to get it out very
    often. I searched about 6 months 8 yrs ago to find it and doubt one could easily be found today to match it.
    I am building a high end 1966 fastback and could use the money to buy my
    daughter a more suitable first car. Thanks 1994 Red Mustang Gt low mile
  4. for sale 04

    i have an 04 gt 40th annvrsy ua black...fully loaded..2nd owner.immaculate cond..42,xxx miles mostly hwy...slightly modded mostly appearance..if interested just pm me and i will send u some pics..thanks:nice:
  5. Thanks to everyone for their links and so forth. I have bought my car. It's a '91 GT that was purchased from a fellow forum member here. Looking forward to many year of enjoyment with this car. :)
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