looking for any advice on side exhaust

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  1. I have decided on going side exhaust, so please dont make this a forum on trying to persuade me otherwise. Ive been looking at the side exhaust for my 2000 v6. steeda spintech, ford racing, roush. ive heard a 01 6 with a roush and it looked sweet and sounded good and the spintech dont sound bad but. id like some imput on what you guys think i should go.
  2. go for it.. killer looks, not many people have it, and you like the sound.. its a win-win

    im lookin at gettin the cervinis side exhaust for my car
  3. well i just bought the spintech side exhaust for her. interested on how she'll sound now i need to lower the front end and smoke the front and rear headlights. any advice on that would be greatly appreciated
  4. what do you mean by lower front end? the bumper? the only way i know to smoke the headlights/taillights is to buy em that way
  5. I have a Classic Design Concepts side exhaust on my 2000 GT, it went on perfect, everything fit and I love the sound of it, it looks great in my opinion. I have a single exhaust on my V-6. It is a spintech muffler with a 94 GT exhaust pipe on it. The sound is good, again in my opinion, not to loud but I don't want it loud enough to bother conversation. Do not do what other peopletell you, do what you want, it is your car...
  6. thanks
    my exhaust should be here tomorro and hopefully should have here all done by next week
  7. I just got my roush side exhaust put on yesterday and it sounds awesome. The guys at the shop I got it done at even turned it into true duals. Best money spent in my opinion.
  8. i finished installing the spintech side exhaust. iam amazed on how it sounds it defitnatly could pass for a 8. highly recomend spintech. when i get time ill put up a video