Looking For Axle Backs?

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  1. This is a statement more than a question. If you are looking for axle backs just go with the OG 40 series flowmaster they are a 3rd of the price of borla or roush, they add power and sound even better. I just put some on my '14 GT and have them on my '68 GT I've also heard them on everything else in between and they sound awesome on all mustangs. I'm just saying so people don't waste money based on hype.

  2. First... mufflers don't "add" power. o_O

    Second... Moved to the Talk forum.
  3. Do they drone? The flowmaster axle backs absolutely do drone, but maybe welding in the 40s sounds different.
  4. I prefer straight pipes...loud and no drone.....and did I mention cheap too.
  5. They drone a little, but not terribly. I cut the factory pipes off of the mufflers and welded them onto these 40 series...thus still being able to clamp them in and keeping the provision in case I wanna swap them out for another set. Truth be told I think they sound awesome...compared to the Roush or Borla. I put 40 series on everything from a '53 Ford Victoria to a '68 Mustang GT and even a '97 Dodge Ram and I've been pleased with them over all.