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Discussion in 'Mustang II Parts' started by dmann253, Jun 9, 2007.

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  1. i am looking for a hard front brake line need the one frome the dist block to the right side. i took mine out to paint the suspension parts then moved and now its all bent to hell :bang: and i dont want to bend a new line.

    i also wanted to know is it possible to mount side window louvers on a window that doesn't open... the only ones ive seen mounted have all been on the opening windows.
  2. How much of a rush are you in? I'm picking up a new 78 T-Top this Sunday to transplant my drive train into, my original 78 Coupe will be parted out since the interior is so shot and other rust parts it's not worth repairing. I'll have the lines in great shape, but I won't be able to get them out for a week or two.

    The most parts I can salvage off this II the better I'll feel about parting it out.
  3. Something that is actually reproduced!!!

    Fastmonkeywheel, just how shot is "shot" on your interior on the coupe? I've been looking for a "beat" interior (so I wouldn't feel bad about pulling the stitching apart) to make patterns out of. I don't want to destroy a good or at least "usable" interior to do it.
  4. Well, I removed it from the car because it stunk so bad. That about answers it? The car sat for quite a few years, the previous owner apparently using it to store car parts. Oil stains and just that dirty garage smell.
  5. hey thanks for the link. I never even thought about looking for a reproduction one after looking for a gas tank i gave up on reproductions for these cars
  6. I gave up even hunting for a good tank! If you're still in need of a tank I highly recommend Moyer's Fuel Tank renu in Greensburg, PA. I shipped my sieve to them and had it back in less than 2 weeks- Moyer's Page Cost is dependant on how much metal fabbing they have to do before sealing it. Including the shipping it ran me $189, and you get a lifetime warranty against it ever rusting out again to boot.

    now if I could find a good sending unit on the other hand....
  7. I'm finally to the point where I'm parting the car out. I have good front brake lines AND a good tank. The tank has an extra bung welded in it for the fuel injection but it's easy to plug (tapped bung). Please email me at fastmonkeywheels_AT_hotmail.com with something decent in the subject so we can discuss what and how much.
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