Mid Atlantic Looking For Club Info In De/nj Area

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  1. Hi,

    I used to be fairly active over at the badmustangclub a few years ago and it looks like the club has been disolved. The only other active club I have found is the DE mustang club but it looks like its pretty formal. Are there any active clubs that are pretty much just a group of people who like to go to local cruises and shows?
  2. njstangers.org - Good people, active club...
  3. Hi, I am looking to hook up with some people from NJ Is this club open to anyone?
  4. Where in NJ are you from?

    I'm from south jersey and some friends of mine operate this club: http://pigviciousracing.com/
    They are a great group of guys that head to shows at least once a weekend, all meet up for a dinner once a month, make occasional trips to the race track and do multiple car cruises throughout the year. They are a fun loving bunch, break balls and really are a good time. They have a very active facebook page as well. Check them out

    If you are looking for more of a formal car club look into the Nostalgia Knights, also based out of south jersey